STIHL Robotic Mower

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The compact RMI 422 PC iMOW is ideal for medium-sized lawn of up to 1,700m2. This robotic mower has a number of features which makes it convenient yet capable. This model is equipped with the iMOW app which allows you to configure settings using an app on your smartphone or tablet. These settings include: changing the mowing plan, reading status messages and pause or start new mowing operations without even having to leave your home.
The iMOW can have tailored active tines and he smart robotic mower will automatically pick the best timing possible to cut using the rain sensor and its comparison with online weather services. The robotic mower not only cuts your lawn but feeds it with nutrients at the same time, It shreds the grass thinly and returns the clippings to the soil giving you lawn fertilizer to allow you to have the lush green lawn you desire.

The 422 PC model allows or gradients of up to a 40% incline and its adaptive slope speed function. As well as this obstacles are no challenge, if the mower detects an object in front of it then the sensors in the movable hood detects the impact and the mower will move in a different direction.

The iMOW complies with all applicable safety standards however during active mower times children, bystanders and animals must be kept out of the working area.

*Installation Not included in price we offer our own installation service please get in contact for details

£1,660.00 RRP (inc. VAT)