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    • Agricultural Drainage
    • Agricultural Drainage

    • Efficient land drainage means that the soil is not saturated so that crops can flourish and the land remains accessible for machines at all times. It is the most economical way in the long term to improve crop yields. The AFT 100 trencher is a good investment to install drainage systems, as and when you want and gives you the possibility to undertake drainage work at a fraction of the cost of using backhoes, excavators or contractors with large self-propelled trenchers.

    • Agricultural Drainage Models
    • Sports Turf Drainage
    • Sports Turf Drainage

    • AFT Trenchers Ltd specialises in machines to work on golf courses, sport fields and parks. Trenchers with conveyor systems and a choice of backfilling equipment.
      The most versatile small sportsturf trencher
      Suitable for compact tractors of 20-45hp (15-34kW), the AFT45 was designed as a versatile trencher for golf courses and sports fields for the installation of drainage and irrigation systems. It is equally suited for laying pipes and cables on building sites, etc.

      The ideal tool to quickly install sophisticated drainage systems, as and when you need it and with minimal disruption to play.

    • Sports Turf Drainage Models
    • Civil Engineering Trenching
    • Civil Engineering Trenching

    • Working in civil engineering and construction areas, AFT machines excel due to their tough construction, reliability and ease of use.

      The most versatile trencher for demanding conditions
      For excavators with hydraulic oil supply of 200l/min at 280 Bar. Designed to fit on the digging arm of larger excavator, and digging wherever the arm can reach: over barriers, down slopes, in road verges, in canals, etc.

      Digs trenches up to ten times faster than an excavator with a bucket and exactly at the width needed.

    • Civil Engineering Trenching Models
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