Introducing our Tree Climbing Equipment

Introducing our Tree Climbing Equipment

We’re excited to present our range of tree-climbing products from leading brands Marlow, Petzl, and Treehog.

Each of these brands has a strong reputation for providing high-quality equipment suitable for a range of professionals including Arborists and Landscapers.


Marlow is renowned for their innovative and highly durable products. Their tree climbing gear is engineered to withstand the toughest conditions, ensuring safety and efficiency for climbers. From ropes to harnesses, Marlow’s products are trusted by professionals worldwide for their reliability.

In-store we stock a range of Marlow Ropes.


We now also stock Petzl, known for combining innovation and practicality in their product designs. Petzl’s tree climbing equipment is crafted to provide maximum comfort and safety for climbers.

In-store we stock a wide range of Petzl products, including helmets, carabiners, and pulleys, all designed with the professional arborist in mind.

Treehog & Arbortec

From protective jackets to specialized trousers, Arbortec clothing ensures that climbers are well-equipped for their work, promoting safety and efficiency. Each piece of clothing is designed with the arborist in mind, incorporating robust materials that withstand tough conditions while offering flexibility for ease of movement.

Treehog offers reliable tree climbing equipment at an excellent value. Their products are designed to meet the practical needs of professional arborists and landscapers, providing both comfort and durability. Treehog’s line of products includes everything from protective footwear to climbing spurs, ensuring you have the equipment you need to get the job done safely and efficiently.


We believe in providing the best equipment to ensure your safety and efficiency while meeting your needs.

If you would like to discuss our range, check out the products available or if you are in search of something specific, Get in touch or visit us in-store today!