HONDA Combi Systems and Attachments

SSET Attachment

While it is possible to use a standard grass trimmer to neaten the edges of your lawn, using a lawn edger is a much more efficient method and can guarantee an even finish with much less hassle involved. Designed for use with Honda’s impressive Versatool™ base units, this edger attachment will thus allow you to achieve truly outstanding results when trimming the edges and borders of lawns, whether you are a proud home gardener or a contractor looking for a piece of equipment capable of delivering a professional quality finish. Easy to fit to the shaft of your Versatool™ unit thanks to a handy click-and-go system, running the edger unit along the borders of your lawn will cut grass neatly and evenly to ensure that the edges are just as well mown as the rest of your lawn. Moreover, with an easy to use height adjustment system for added precision and a blade guard to deflect clippings and prevent stones or other detritus from being thrown up during use, the edger is also safe and convenient to use.
Furthermore, as with all of Honda’s Versatool™ attachments, the edger also comes with a handy hook which allows you to hand it safely out of the way when not in use, making storage quick, easy and efficient.

£170.00 RRP (inc. VAT)
£153.00 Our Price (inc. VAT)