Honda Robotic Mower

  • 1234-hrm3000-studio-3
  • domestic warranty
  • one year professional use warranty


The Honda Miimo range are completely autonomous robot designed to take care of your lawn without any assistance.

They work by the use of a perimeter boundary wire held in place by wire pegs, which send a signal to the mower to guide itself around your garden.

The HRM 3000 Live features 3G and 4G connectivity for remote monitoring as well as GPS tracking.

The owner is able to view the mower’s position on the Mii-Monitor App and you are also able to create a geo-fended operating area for increased protection against theft.

The live upgrade also allows for voice control through Amazon Alexa, so just tell your robot when to mow!

This mower is capable of maintaining grass areas of up to 4,000m2.


Standard features include:

  • flexible docking
  • electric cutting height adjustment with an optional automatic mode
  • Bluetooth connection to smartphone app.


Key features include:

  • Rapid reaction bump and lift sensors
  • automatic charging system
  • Micro mulching, zone management
  • 3&4g connectivity
  • Mii-Monitor app
  • Alexa compatible
Warranty available *Subject to following of service schedule. Warranty options depend on type of use, please get in touch for more information
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