Honda Robotic Mower


The latest robotic lawnmower the Miimo HRM 70 Live allows you to to keep your lawn tidy without any effort. With an easy set up with Map & Mow, smartphone connectivity and compatibility with Amazon Alexa you can set the MIIMO HRM 70 to mow your lawn from the comfort of your own home. MIIMO has an area capacity of up to 700m² and has a Li-ion 18V / 2,5AH Battery meaning you get 75 minutes of mowing time per charge and once you’re done just let your Miimo charge for 60 minutes and it will be ready to go again. Miimo comes supplied with 175m boundary wire and 240 pegs to allow you to map out the area and is adaptable to different shaped lawns.


*Installation Not Included

£1,214.00 RRP (inc. VAT)
This Price Is In-line With Current Honda Promotion