Husqvarna Robotic Mower


The Husqvarna Auto-mower 43x AWD (all wheel drive) model is designed for even the toughest terrain with slopes and obstacles. This model is able t mow laws of up to 3500m2 and can handle slopes of up to 70% . The AWD models optimizes its control of each heel to enable the best operation even when faced with difficult terrain. As we all as this it has a built on articulated rear body design which means its capable of pivoting to assist with its maneuverability.

Improved user access on control panel with color display, jog wheel and status indicators makes this model extremely user friendly and easy to control. The GPS assisted navigation means it is able to register what parts of the garden it has already covered and adjust itself accordingly. FOTA makes it possible for this model to get software updates automatically over the air. It is designed to function unattended regardless of the weather and you are able to schedule the times you want it to mow to suit you via the app.



  • Working area capacity: 3500m2
  • Maximum slope performance at boundary: 50%
  • maximum slope performance inside installation: 70%
  • Area capacity per hour: 146m2
  • Max active time 24hour
  • Search system: Quad search
  • Charging system: Automatic.
  • Battery type: Lithium Ion
  • Battery capacity: 5Ah
  • Typical mow time on one charge: 100min
  • Typical charging time: 30min
  • Cutting system: 3 pivoting razor blades
  • Cutting height max: 70mm min: 30mm
  • Cutting height adjustment: Electric
  • User interface: Jog wheel, display and status LEDs and app, connect to app and to Amazon Alex and Google Home.
  • Safety: GPS Theft tracking, PIN code, alarm, lift sensor, tilt sensor, ultrasonic sensor.



  • Weight: 17.3kg
  • Product size: LXWXH: 93X55X29cm


*Installation is not included in price. We have our own installation service please enquire for more details.

£4,899.00 RRP (inc. VAT)