Husqvarna Ride On Lawnmowers

  • R112C
  • R112C front view


The R112C is a compact ride on mower. Its size makes it ideal for getting around flower beds, bushes, trees and other difficult obstacles on your lawn as well as making it easier to store. Despite the compact design you will enjoy great traction on slopes and in wet conditions.

The articulated steering combined with its size means you can turn quickly and with a minimal turning radius around tight corners. The model features combi cutting deck with Bioclip (mulching) meaning that the grass is cut into fine pieces and will turn to fertilizer.

For the user, the speed and direction are managed by the pedals which lets you keep both hands on the steering wheel and gives you more control while driving. As well as this the transparent fuel tank allows you to easily check the fuel level and the engine is situated behind the driver to give you better overview of the area as well as the cutting deck which is front mounted for optimal accessibility.



  • New power at present rpm Energy: 8.4kW
  • Cylinder displacement: 413 cm(3)
  • power/fuel type: Gasoline
  • Exhaust emissions: 773.4g/kWh

Cutting deck:

  • Uncut circle: 65cm
  • Cutting width min-max: 85-85cm
  • Cutting height min-max: 25-70mm
  • Blade engagement: Automatic

Drive system:

  • Transmission type: Hydrostatic
  • Drive method: Dual pedal-operation
  • Speed forward max: 7km/h
  • Speed reverse max: 3km/h


  • Wheelbase: 80cm
  • Base machine height; 108cm
  • Base machine length: 212cm
  • Base machine width: 88cm
  • Gross weight towed: 100kg
£3,299.00 RRP (inc. VAT)

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