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McCormick X5.85

The McCormick X5.085 Tractor offers both power and versatility.

This machine is designed to handle demands in farms and particularly the hay business. Its features and performance make it the perfect tractor for a range of activities including agile transport, front loader barn and shed work and light-duty open field work.

Standard 34″ rear wheel guarantees ground clearance and offers improved traction combined with the excellent power-to-weight ratio this machine offers (48kg/Hp) making the X5.085 suitable for transport in steep or hilly areas.



  • The loader is designed with a frame that does not reduce ground clearance or limit the steering angle range of the tractor.
  • The front axle is compact, thanks to the 1590mm interflange making the tractor neat and agile.
  • Power and agility are enhanced by the category 2 mechanically-controlled rear lifting system with a capacity of 3,900 kg, which is both precise and easy to use thanks to the ELS system (ergonomic lift system).
  • Prioritising driver comfort, this tractor has a 4-post cab which maximises the 360-degree all-round view and also absorbs vibration.
  • Ergonomic controls & adjustable steering wheel.
  • The roof can be lowered for easy entry into tight spaces and also features a transparent roof hatch.




  • Manufacturer: FTP
  • Max power (ISO/TR 14396) hp/KW 75/56
  • Max torque at 1400 rpm Nm: 375
  • Cylinders/Displacement/Valves: 4 / 3,4L/ 8V

Dimensions & weights

  • Wheelbase mm: 2171
  • Max height over cab without beacon lights mm: 2485- Measured with tyres 280/85R24 – 420/85R30
  • Standard weight measured with average specs Kg: 3700
  • Gross vehicle weight Kg: 5800
  • Max front and rear tyre size – (IR) mm: 380/70R24 (IR 575 mm) – 480/70R34 (IR 750mm)

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