Aspen: Let’s talk about it.

Aspen: Let’s talk about it.

You may have seen us mention Aspen Alkylate petrol in some of our other blog posts, particularly ones that center around sustainability. Aspen really is a must-have for any fueled machine owners and our depot recommends this product to all those who purchase fueled equipment from chainsaws to lawnmowers alike. The benefits are something to shout from the rooftops about.

Those who have had their machinery for years and are stuck in their usual routine of regular fuel may have overlooked this alternative. Packed with a range of benefits for you, your machine, and the environment, this blog will discuss how you can see a difference with the use of Aspen.


The Machine

Often people’s primary concern when selecting a fuel type is how it will work in the machine. Of course, you want to prolong the machine’s life, enhance its effectiveness and ensure it is cost-effective to run.

Most people who have a great lawnmower or groundcare equipment, treasure them. These machines aren’t cheap and so why would you want to use fuel in them that can potentially cause damage? One of the main points of attraction to Aspen is its benefits for the machine.


  • Storing over long periods is often when a lot of people would encounter issues with a typically reliable machine. This is often because there was petrol remaining in the tank, the petrol inside has deteriorated or it was stored incorrectly. Aspen aids in the reduction of the issues. Since it does not contain the chemicals which result in the deterioration of fuel, you can keep Aspen within the machine’s engine during storage as it can stay fresh for years. It reduces the amount of starting issues after long storage, saving time and money.
  • Can aid in the lifespan of the machine. While regular fuel contains a variety of potentially harmful substances, this can slowly deteriorate the inside of your engine. To get the most time out of your machine, Aspen consists of only a dozen substances, designed to keep the interior of your machine as clean as you keep the outside. Leading to a longer-lasting engine.
  • Reduced maintenance. As well as keeping your machine working efficiently for longer, this fuel also reduces the risk of typical machine issues which can result from deterioration inside the machine, buildup, or expired petrol. Keeping your maintenance and repair costs down and also reducing potential headaches.



Did you know Aspen also benefits you and your health? Many people don’t think about this, particularly those who regularly use their machines as it becomes second nature to them. But constant exposure and inhalation of exhaust fumes are never good for anyone’s health.

  • Aspen Alkylate petrol does not contain these harmful substances, using aspen reduces hydrocarbon emissions by up to 99%, meaning that when you are breathing around a machine running off Aspen, you are breathing in much cleaner air in comparison to typical fuel.
  • It makes your life easier. A benefit everyone looks for is ease. Often with things that are better for us, there is a catch, like it takes more time or is a bit inconvenient. Not Aspen. You can use pre-mixed Aspen, meaning you don’t have to mix your fuel which can reduce potential mess, danger, time, and risk of error.


The Environment

Finally, as if the benefits don’t ever stop. Aspen is better for the world around us. In a time when the condition of our climate should be at the forefront of everyone’s minds, we must take steps to help.

Although battery equipment is gaining traction in the groundcare industry. It’s not for everyone. Purchasing a new machine as well as a battery system is an investment, and if you have a good few years left in your fueled mower, why would you switch when you don’t have to? Aspen gives you the best of both worlds, a more environmentally friendly alternative without having to replace your fueled machine.


For more information on the consumer benefits of Aspen fuel, be sure to check out their site.

Looking to try it out! Get in touch or pop in-store to discuss your requirements with a member of our team who will be happy to inform you about the best type for your machine & go over any questions with you!