ATV Maintenance: Checks, Servicing & Storage

ATV Maintenance: Checks, Servicing & Storage

Take care of your ATV and it will take care of you.

Although our ATVs are one of our most used pieces of equipment, we often overlook their maintenance and servicing a lot of the time because we are too busy using them to get work done more efficiently. So, how do you maintain your ATV?

Knowing when to maintain your vehicle will depend on your use and riding conditions but there is a loose guide you can follow.

Honda provides a great guide for Honda ATV owners directing them on what they should be doing in terms of maintenance, Read now.

Honda red ATV against a bar door

Before every use

Just the same as any other machine, before you hop on your ATV, you should ensure it is in a safe condition to use. Here are a few areas to check before use:

  • Check the Oil level
  • Check Tyre conditions
  • Check Underneath the machine, check for leaks
  • Check lights
  • Check the emergency stop switch.
  • Check the brakes

Honda also provides general maintenance instructions for your ATV after 20, 50 and 100 hours of use. Check out their guide for more information.

Honda ATV covered in mud

After use

Care shouldn’t just be taken before use of the machine but also after. Ensuring you are storing it appropriately and keeping it clean can be important to keeping your machine in good condition long term.


To maintain your ATV you want to ensure that you are storing it properly. This is not just applicable to long term storage but daily storage procedures are just as important.

When keeping your ATV outdoors it is recommended to have a tight, waterproof cover over it to help prevent damage build up from the weather. Sun, rain and wind can all cause damage to different parts of your ATV if left exposed so to get the most out of your ATV, keep it covered.


A used ATV isn’t going to be pristine, the whole point of it is to be working hard and often the mud on it is a reflection of this. Nevertheless, it’s important to keep your machine as clean as you can. Layers of mud can lead to moisture getting trapped which can in turn, lead to rust. So just give it a clean occasionally.

Honda ATV in a stable with horse and owner


We always talk about how important regular servicing is and it’s no different for your ATV. Aside from the fact that some warranties require regular servicing to remain valid (check with your local dealer to see if this is required for your warranty) it can also help the lifespan of your machine.

  • It allows you to catch potential issues early before they become a costly problem.
  • Regular maintenance during servicing such as oil changes and checking break pads keeps your machine in better condition, reduces wear and tear and will lead to a better lifespan of your machine.
  • Your safety. Your safety is essential, servicing will benefit you alongside your machine. Things such as your brakes and wheels should be checked regularly to ensure the machine is safe to drive.
  • Prevents breakdowns. Those who get their machines regularly serviced are less likely to have to have their machine in the workshop during the busy season due to a fault which could have been prevented, safe yourself time in the future and get ahead of it.

Want to learn more about servicing? Get in touch with our workshop today!


If something feels wrong, get it in.

As well as servicing it’s important that if something feels wrong with your ATV that you take it in to get looked at by a professional if you don’t have the knowledge or skills required to fix it yourself.

This could be a difference in how it drives, sounds or anything else. If your car was making a strange noise you would take it to a garage, do the same for your ATV.


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