Budget Compact Tractors: Are They Right For You?

Budget Compact Tractors: Are They Right For You?

In the market for a tractor? Depending on your needs and the variety of your tasks you may be looking at opting for a compact tractor. These tractors are ideal for those who value versatility. Able to be used with a variety of different attachments, while remaining highly versatile due to their size. As well as this when purchasing there are additional options available to effectively get a tractor tailored for your use rather than having to adapt your use around a tractor.


What tasks can you use a compact tractor for?

Compact tractors can be used in a variety of settings including agricultural, municipal, horticultural and for those with gardens or estates on the larger side. They are so versatile due to the number of various attachments which can be utilised with them and their size which makes them easier to fit into more confined spaces in comparison to your larger, commercial tractor. Most compact tractors have the option of a front loader and bucket for loading and transporting materials, options for different front attachments such as a snow clearer or pallet forks. As well as this they typically all come with a 3-point linkage allowing for different attachments to be fitted to the back of the tractor.

Breaking down these uses into potential tasks you might be looking to achieve, these tasks can include:

  • Grass cutting
  • Lifting and transporting heavy goods or materials as well as use for livestock maintenance by transporting food, their compact size makes them ideal for navigating more enclosed areas of farms.
  • Snow clearance & salt gritters
  • Maintaining gardens or large areas by cutting grass, maintaining weeds or heavy brush, and even clearing hedgerows.
  • Maintaining crops, spreading seeds, fertilising the soil, and spreading manure can be possible with the use of a spreader attachment.

However, with such a large variety of tasks, sometimes having all that equipment or options isn’t necessary and can typically lead to higher purchases when they are not necessary. If you’re looking for a basic tractor, with a limited budget that is going to help you complete the tasks you need and nothing else then you can get a utility tractor, these tractors can aid you in whatever tasks you need without having to pay over the odds for functions or accessories you won’t use.


What Compact tractors are available?


Farmtrac is the largest Polish manufacturer of agricultural tractors. This company started In 2000 and has since created a variety of tractor models, they offer more than 20 types and variants of tractors, including their smaller, compact tractors such as the FT 22 & FT 26 all of which have optional additions such as different tyres, including agricultural, turf and industrial as well as the option of front loaders and cabins with heating and radio.

Farmtrac is also a brand that has begun to consider the long-term changes which are currently occurring in the Agriculture and Horticulture industry, this is the introduction of electric and battery-powered machinery. They offer their selection of electric, compact tractors with the same additional options offered as their fueled counterparts. Designed to be zero emissions as well as quieter, these machines provide further benefits if being used in greenhouses, municipalities, and equestrian centres as they provide less disruption without compromising on performance. Ideal for the daily or occasional user, the FT25-G has a charge time of 8 hours to fully charge from being completely drained, meaning charge overnight and you’re good to go in the morning.

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Iseki is also a largely popular compact tractor Brand which many people swear by, and it’s not hard to see why. Despite being compact these tractors boast a large range of features that are often displayed within traditional models. Their TG6 range has an impressive lifting capacity of 1270kg to 1600kg (depending on the model within this range) and with the ability to link numerous attachments it’s understandable why many people opt for a tractor like this which can offer the same benefits as a traditional, has enough power to get the job done but has the added benefit of being smaller to store, manoeuvre and costing a lot less.

To dive more into the versatility of these vehicles, the back end allows for a Hook-end CAT1 linkage with some models having a CAT 2 linkage available, allowing a large range of towed attachments. As for the front loaders, there is also a wide range of attachments available depending on the desired model, including:

  • General Purpose Bucket
  • Bucket with Grab
  • 4-in-1 Bucket
  • Manure fork with or without grab
  • Pallet forks
  • Third function options and counterweights

This means these machines can be tailored to such a wide variety of tasks, ideal for those looking for an all-around and versatile tractor. Iseki compact tractors are available for sale and hire at Gammies, including the TM3267 for sale as well as other models and a TG6687 in our hire fleet. Get in touch to find out more!


How to know which compact tractor suits you?

Looking at compact tractors can confuse anyone; with their additional features and optional extras you can often end up with more than you need or miss out on something which could have been beneficial. To prevent this, you’re best to speak to a dealer, discussing your needs and requirements as well as the tasks you are going to use the tractor for can allow the experts to recommend makes and models as well as additional accessories based on your needs and can prevent you accidentally purchasing a more expensive model which does everything when you only have one or two tasks to use it for. Not just optional extras or attachments but dealers can also make recommendations for the required horsepower for your task as well as if an electric model would be suitable.

To speak to an expert to help you find the right compact tractors for your needs give us a call on 01307 468 556 or email us at [email protected]