Compact Tractors: What are they used for?

Compact Tractors: What are they used for?

An often-asked question is what exactly are compact tractors used for? Some people may think if you’re in the market for a tractor then you may as well get a full-sized one, but compact tractors are not designed for your typical large-scale agricultural work that other tractors are made for, they are designed to thrive in different applications which require both power and maneuverability.

So, what are the situations where a compact tractor is more suitable?


Estates/Large sites

If you have to manage a large estate or perhaps own a business with a large site, such as a caravan park or a holiday home, you will have a variety of different tasks to maintain different aspects of the area.

  • You might have limited space to move machinery, small pathways, archways etc..
  • You may need to lift or move heavy materials
  • You may have large areas of grass to maintain
  • You may need some machinery that can help with landscaping and has the ability to tow useful attachments such as a woodchipper attachment.
  • You may have limited storage space for your machinery.

Some of these requirements are not met by a standard, large tractor which takes up a lot of storage space and doesn’t typically have high maneuverability, Others are not met by a lawn tractor which typically cannot help with moving heavy materials or being able to tow heavy tractor attachments.

The go between and the ideal machine for the job is therefore a compact tractor, by sacrificing on size you gain higher maneuverability and easier storage while still being able to take advantage of the versatility a tractor has.



Greenhouses and Nurseries are often large but use all of their space as effectively as possible to maximize profits which in turn limits the space for machinery to work within.

  • Have limited space which requires high maneuverability
  • Requires ability to have a front loader and attachments such as a trailer
  • Requires high power to enable heavy materials to be moved.
  • Limited indoor storage

This makes a compact tractor ideal for working within Greenhouses and Nurseries for both inside and out.


Small Farms & Horse Stables

For smaller farms or horse stables which require the benefits of a tractor but have less space to work with as well as lower budgets, a compact tractor can come in handy for tasks such as

  • Moving materials, with high power and optional front loaders as well as other attachments materials can easily be moved and transported.
  • Transporting livestock, trailers can be used with compact tractors to transport small numbers of livestock around the area.
  • Looking after livestock, due the compact size and high maneuverability, compact tractors are able to be used in a larger variety of areas in comparison to your typical large tractor, including inside stables or barns which can highly benefit the farmer helping them feed and clean up livestock more efficiently.
  • Similar to typical large tractors a range of ground care implements can still be utilized to maintain fields and other areas around the farm.

Overall compact tractors versatility make them an all round good choice for any application which requires the need for a tractor but has limited space to work with.

Budget compact tractors are also exceptionally lower in cost in comparison to a traditional tractor and also offers similar innovative features such as all electric models which reduce emissions and make them safe to use inside buildings and other enclosed areas.


Farmtrac are a budget compact tractor brand which offer a range of both fueled machines as well as an all electric alternative, they offer customizable additions to their base tractor with the option of Agricultural, Turf or Industrial tyres as well as ROPS and front attachments.

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Iseki are a  popular brand which offer compact tractors with impressive lifting capacity and also have the ability for various different types of attachment and additions which can be used with the base tractor.

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