Does the perfect lawn exist? and if it does, how do we obtain it.

Does the perfect lawn exist? and if it does, how do we obtain it.

The perfect lawn is an idealized concept among gardening enthusiasts and those who place a high value on being able to go out and enjoy the hard work they have put into their garden. But does it exist?

Many people have their own opinion of what the perfect lawn looks like. Some think it looks like stripes, others think it looks like a flat, green cut, and others argue that the perfect lawn is not mown at all but is instead left to grow wild and free. But which is it?

Lawns have been around for a long time, but it is only recently has it become either a goal to work towards as a symbol of overall life achievement, or even a status symbol.

Although the discussion around how we should all keep our lawns is a controversial one, it all boils down to the fact that there is no perfect lawn, just the perfect lawn for you

So… what is the perfect lawn for you?


Maybe you’re a traditionalist.

Your version of the perfect lawn may be an expertly maintained lawn with perfectly straight stripes. This type of lawn is typically achieved through the right equipment, hard work, and a little TLC. If this is the lawn for you then you have to have a high investment in your lawn, perhaps you enjoy mowing and keeping your lawn tidy, or perhaps you just enjoy the satisfaction of sitting back at the end of it and enjoying the view of your perfectly kept lawn with a drink in hand.

How do you achieve a striped lawn?

To achieve the striped look a lawnmower with a rear roller or a striping kit is needed and a little bit of time is essential. If you have a square or rectangular-shaped lawn then striping becomes a whole lot easier because you can simply map it out in your head based on the space you have, if you have a more complex-shaped lawn then stripes may be more difficult to make them look even. This article from the grass people explains in more detail just how to achieve the sought-after striped look and offers some excellent tips to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

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Neatly cut is enough

Perhaps you’re not interested in a perfectly striped lawn but you like it to be neatly cut, maybe this is because you use your garden a lot, have children or animals playing out in it, host a lot of garden parties or just prefer to not look out onto a jungle. If this is the case then the quickest and easiest method which still gives a high-quality cut is the best option.

Depending on your garden size and the effort you are willing to give, this could include a quality walk-behind mower, a ride-on mower, or even a robotic mower.

If you want a high-quality, consistently neat lawn without any effort on your end then a new and simple way is by investing in a robotic mower. The robots can be scheduled so that their work doesn’t coincide with then you want to spend time enjoying the lawn. As well as this due to the way they work, they cut little and often, and the tiny clippings are returned to the lawn, which then breaks down and the nutrients are absorbed back into your lawn. Because of this, they have been proven to improve lawn health and leave you with a greener and thicker lawn.

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A ‘Nector Lawn’

Perhaps you don’t want to mow your lawn that often, but you’re not prepared to fully let your garden become a jungle. So perhaps you decided to mow your lawn every other week? Or sometimes even push it to every three weeks. This is associated as a more wildlife-friendly alternative to frequent mowing which is based on the lack of use of herbicides and weed killers and allows for smaller flowers like daisies and clovers to flower.

Of course, this method means you will have to be okay with having your lawn look unkept and slightly wild for a while but perhaps this method is more suited to your lifestyle, or just your personal preference.

As well as this there is your wild lawn, where you just let it thrive, the issue with this type of lawn is your usability is heavily limited as well as if you don’t want a massive abundance of weeds then some maintenance is still required and if you have been regularly mowing your lawn for an extended period then simply stopping mowing your lawn may not lead to a beautiful wildflower lawn you have in mind and to achieve this takes some more time, effort and dedication. If you are looking to turn your lawn into a wildflower paradise then there are some guides that give you an insight into the best approach to take like this one from the middle-sized garden blog.


With all of these different types of lawns with different frequencies of mowing which is better? It’s no secret that regular mowing helps in making your lawn get thicker but there is also an abundance of other factors which contribute to a healthy lawn, including the weather, fertiliser, weedkillers, and even how you use your lawn.

Ultimately it’s finding a balance of what works for your lawn and what works for your lifestyle.


So, out of all of these methods… Which is the perfect lawn for you?