How Technology is Revolutionizing Commercial Groundcare

How Technology is Revolutionizing Commercial Groundcare

Technology isn’t just revolutionizing our home lives, it’s altering our working practices too.

And in Commercial Ground care these changes in technology are designed to aid groundkeepers by removing the constant and repetitive tasks to allow them to better focus their time, improve their safety, or simply just give them a helping hand.

These are some of the upcoming technologies that are designed for those in Commercial Groundcare.


Commercial Robotic Mowers

The use of Commercial Robotics is an up-and-coming sector. Husqvarna, the manufacturer of Commercial Automower™ CEORA designed this autonomous mower to take care of large-scale turfs.

This type of robotic mower is ideal for businesses with a lot of grass outside or public spaces where regular maintenance isn’t as readily available or for businesses seeking a green grass-cutting solution.

Remote Controlled Mowers

Similar but different, a remote-control mower is designed for commercial use, but requires an operator to guide it. It is designed to be able to tackle tougher slopes and difficult terrain.

Raymo is a remote control mower that is ideal for councils, businesses, and commercial users who may be working near dangerous areas such as on the side of roads. This mower allows the user to get a clean cut without danger and also reduces the amount of manual labor required in the job role, reducing the risk of injury, which is often a reason behind early retirement in the industry.

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Professional Battery Products

Although for a while there was the thought that battery would never get powerful enough to inject itself into the commercial world, this has shown to be untrue with powerful battery technology  which has enabled companies to have a clean and emission-free alternative to their lawn tractors, zero-turn mowers, strimmers, hedge trimmers, and more.

Ideal for companies who are often working near the general public and seeking quieter machines or are looking to reduce their pollution. These battery alternatives which are designed with ease of use in mind are often powered by a universal battery system that allows multiple machines to be run from the same battery.

Although an initial higher investment if you were to replace your whole fleet, the use of battery equipment can be used to battle the rising fuel bills and also reduce potential maintenance costs, allowing businesses to reduce their costs in the long term.

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Fleet Management

Fleet management is designed to work with busy professionals and enable them to focus on their work rather than worrying about the status of machines.

When you have a large fleet of machines being run you must know their current status to enable you to accurately allocate them to jobs, manage the amount of jobs you take on, and more.

Fleet management systems allow you to keep track of the location of your machines, the battery power level, their performance, and even when the next service is due as well as several other pieces of useful information.

This ensures that you don’t miss a thing but also saves you a lot of time and reduces the potential for error.


There are so many ways that technology is adapting to aid commercial groundcare workers, from reducing their manual workload to helping them keep track of larger fleets. This introduction of technology is designed to work with the experts, not against them and these manufacturers are continuously developing and adapting their technology based on the requirements of commercial users.