Keeping your equipment in check – Strimmers

Keeping your equipment in check – Strimmers

As the grass-cutting season comes back around an often overlooked piece of equipment we will be using more is our strimmers. These machines aren’t difficult to maintain but it’s often overlooked and that can lead to a reduction in quality cutting. So if you’re aiming to keep your strimmer working at its best, keep reading. 


Regular checks

These checks concern both the machine and the area you are looking to work on. You should check your machine before and after every use, and look for parts that may be loose or any unusual noises which could be cause for concern. Your machine will likely take some damage while working and so ensuring it is safe to use again is essential.

Area safety checks.

Before using your strimmer you need to ensure that the area is safe, removing stones, branches, or any debris which could cause a safety concern for you and also potentially damage your strimmer. It’s important to remember that this is still a high-powered machine, care should be taken when strimming tall areas where debris could potentially be turned into projectiles.


Checking your nylon cord.

One of the most important parts of your strimmer is the cord, if this is damaged then your strimmer isn’t going to cut through anything. How to fix this cord will depend on the machine you have but it may require you to open up and change the cord. If this is the case you should ensure that when purchasing a new cord, you get the correct type for your machine’s brand/model.


Regular cleaning

Any machine you use extensively is going to look worn, but ensuring it is clean is more than just about looks. After use, you should clear of any built-up grass and dirt, particularly if you have been working in damp conditions. 

Cleaning before storage is particularly important. When you store the machine for an extended period, such as during winter, you need to ensure that there isn’t grime stuck in areas of the machine, particularly around the cutting head which will dry and cause damage to the machine.


Spark plug & Air filter checks

Standard in most machines, after extensive use you may need to replace the spark plug. This should be as simple as removing and replacing it with a new one. Be sure to check it regularly for signs of wear and tear but generally spark plugs won’t need to be replaced all that often.

Similarly the air filter should be checked. It may just need to be cleaned, or if it’s particularly bad or damaged then it may need to be replaced.


Consider what fuel you use.

If you don’t have a battery-powered machine, then something you need to consider is what type of fuel you put in your machine. Regular fuel has its issues, such as deterioration in your machine which can lead to engine issues, pollution and potential health concerns from inhaling emissions. A great environmentally and machine-friendly alternative is Aspen. Something you should look into to improve the long-term health of your machine.


Overall, strimmer’s are simple to maintain, all they take is a little bit of time to check over the machine and the right knowledge of what to look out for.

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