Lawncare in Summer

Lawncare in Summer

Summer is when we finally get to spend our free time outside enjoying the lawn you have worked so hard to achieve, but that doesn’t mean the lawncare stops here.

As the weather gets warmer and the grass starts to grow, sometimes faster than we can keep up with, there are a few things we can do to keep it looking lush.

Machine Maintenance

Didn’t manage to get your mower in for maintenance during the earlier months? Pop your mower in for repair or service to ensure you get the best results for your lawn.

One important part of your mower which will directly affect the quality of the cut is the blade. If your mower has been away for a while, be sure to check all parts of it including the fuel, the oil, and the blade before use.

Ensure the blade is clean and that it is sharp. A blunt blade can result in the grass being ripped, leaving you with rough edges or even browned tips.

Generally, blades should be sharpened after every 25 hours of use but this will also depend on a lot of other factors such as your mower, your garden, what applications you use it for, etc.

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To keep up with the speed at which your grass grows, it’s a good idea to get into a routine with your mowing. In summer, a typical lawn may need to be mowed about once a week, this will drop if we head into warmer weather where drought may become an issue.

How often you mow and to what length will be highly dependent on the weather where you are and your grass condition.


Not Mowing…

If you prefer to spend less time mowing and have more plants and wildflowers in your garden, you might be among the many people who have extended no mow may to be year-round. This helps encourage pollinators in your garden as well as biodiversity.

To keep your garden useable, a lot of people have just dedicated just a portion of their garden to grow wild while still maintaining the rest, doing their part for the environment whilst still having a suitable garden for summer relaxing, parties, and for kids and pets to play on.



Now, depending on where you are, drought may not be something that is an immediate worry. Although there may be long periods of sunshine where you may think your lawn can do with a bit of water to help it along.

If you are someone who prefers to water your lawn, establishing a way to store rainwater or grey water to use instead of mains water is something that would be ideal to set up just now. This will allow you to collect enough water if it gets warm enough to be required.



Do you feed your lawn? This is more often than not a personal choice, a lot of lawns do well without the use of feed but others who are aiming for a luscious green carpet use it to give their grass a little boost to keep it thick and healthy.

If you are going to feed your lawn, the ideal time to do it is after you have mown. This will allow it to absorb before you pull the mower back out again.

If you have children or pets, ensure that the feed you are using is safe.


Although the grass may grow quickly, in the Summer most lawns will flourish if you remember to mow regularly.

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