NEW Honda Miimo – A sign of intelligent life.

NEW Honda Miimo – A sign of intelligent life.

With Honda Miimo, keeping your lawn perfectly manicured has never been easier.

This innovative range of mowers autonomously navigates your garden, mowing the grass with exceptional precision and leaving behind a beautifully maintained lawn. Sit back, relax, and let Miimo do the work for you!

This new range features six different models of mowers, each with different features and mowing capacity to fit a variety of garden sizes, shapes and complexities:

  • HRM1000 – Cuts up to 1,000m2 features Bluetooth connectivity, simple display and responsive sensors.
  • HRM1500 – Cuts up to 1,500m2 features Bluetooth connectivity, shortcut wire and graphical display screen.
  • HRM1500 Live – Cuts up to 1,500m2 features satellite-assisted homing, shortcut wire and mobile connectivity.
  • HRM2500 – Cuts up to 3,000m2 features flexible docking, shortcut wire and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • HRM2500 Live– Cuts up to 3,000m2 features satellite-assisted homing, flexible docking and mobile connectivity.
  • HRM4000 Live – Cuts up to 4,000m2, features electric height adjustment, satellite-assisted homing and mobile connectivity.


So, what are the features?

  • You don’t need to worry about your Miimo as it works away, all Miimos come with an onboarded alarm sound when lifted, and the Live models come with geofence capability.
  • Rain? No problem, Miimo’s are highly robust and have a weatherproof casing. And if your terrain gets particularly difficult, the HRM4000 Live comes with heavy-duty wheels offering increased durability.
  • Flexible docking allows you to have complete control of where you have your Miimo docking, so whether you want it hidden and out of sight, or pride of place in your garden, it’s up to you!
  • However you want your lawn, Miimo offers a wide range of cutting heights from 20mm to 60mm.
  • With low noise, you won’t cause any noise disturbances even if you have Miimo mowing in the early hours or last thing at night!


Watch this video to learn more about the features of the Honda Miimo Range

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