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Honda UMC425E Multitool

The UMC 425 has a D-loop handle and barrier for protection and manoeuvrability. The D-loop handle is perfect for jobs that require finesse or tight handling. Such a precise level of control makes the UMC 425 perfect for small, difficult to reach areas. The UMC 425 is powered by Honda’s 4-stroke GX25 micro-engine. This 25cc engine is an industry first, packing power into a compact size. With a 4-stroke engine there’s no need to pre-mix oil and fuel- simply fill the tank with petrol. A mechanical decompression system combined with an ultra lightweight flywheel gives the machine an easy start every time – the rope pull weight is only 7.2kg! A belt driven Over-Head Valve and multi-chamber exhaust and a sophisticated air intake system results in a machine that is quiet to operate.
The engine is so efficient that it can operate at full power, without rest for over an hour before needing to be refuelled.
Engine: 4 Stroke 25cc
Shaft Type: Split Multitool
Handle: D Handle
Harness: Single Strap
Weight: 5.1kg

£333.33 RRP (inc. VAT)
£320.00 Our Price (inc. VAT)