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  • Miimo HRM
  • domestic warranty
  • 2 year professional use warranty


Miimo is the latest innovation in lawnmowing technology. Miimo is a clever robotic lawnmower which works completely autonomously meaning you can trust Miimo to take care of your lawn without any assistance. Miimo is able to follow the layout of your garden and can navigate obstacles. The sensors within detect lifting motion and stop the blades instantly making Miimo pet safe. Miimo is able to know when it needs recharged at it’s docking station. The HRM310 model can mow up yo 1,500 M², has a slope capacity of up to 24° and a control panel interface, perfect for those with mid size gardens.

Miimos features include:

  • Rapid Reaction Bump and Lift sensors.
  • Automatic charging system.
  • Micro Mulching.
  • Zone Management allowing you to control where Miimo Mows.
  • Flexible docking allows you to position the docking station in a variety of positions including corners narrow passages or patios.
  • Advanced waterproofing.
  • Anti-theft a unique security code can be used to ensure no one else can use Miimo, it will stop and start an alarm once it has been lifted and only restarts once you insert your pin.
  • Adjustable cutting height means you can adjust the height to suit your lawn from 20mm to 60mm this can be completed manually within the HRM310.

*Installation not included. We offer our own installation service, please get in touch for more information

Warranty available *Subject to following of service schedule. Warranty options depend on type of use, please get in touch for more information
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