STIHL Cordless Battery equipment

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The Stihl 56 cordless long-reach hedge trimmer is a lightweight, 135 degrees adjustable trimmer with an 18″ blade length. This trimmer is ideal for cutting taller hedges and shrubs in your garden. The blades are droplet shape and are double-sided to aid in guiding the hedge material towards the cutters to increase precision and efficiency.

The head is adjustable for cutting angles ranging from -45 degrees to +90 degrees, the shaft is also detachable for ease of transport.

The total carrying length on this piece of equipment is 115cm Standard features include a loop handle for great movement and handling as well as comfort during extended periods of use, tip protection which allows for accurate cuts closer to the ground or walls as well as protecting the blade and the option to add an extension shaft which is available to order separately.



  • Weight kg: 3.8
  • vibration value right m/s2: 1.5
  • Vibration value left m/s2: 1.5
  • sound power level dB(A): 88
  • Blade length cm: 210
  • Cutting capacity mm: 16
  • stroke rate rpm: 2.800
  • tooth spacing mm:30
  • Battery working time with AK 10min: 0-50
  • Working time with AK 20 min: 0-100
  • battery working time with AK 30 min: 0-120
  • Cordless technology: AK systems


*Please note this is unit only battery and chargers sold separately.

£225.00 RRP (inc. VAT)
£208.13 Our Price (inc. VAT)