Re-inventing commercial vehicles: Addax professional electric vehicles

Re-inventing commercial vehicles: Addax professional electric vehicles

The electric utility vehicles market has grown over recent years and it is projected to continue to expand over the next few years. The largest application for these vehicles is industrial use, followed by commercial.

With growing concern over our environmental output and the government and councils pushing for the transition to electric vehicles, it only makes sense that they will also be transitioning their fleets to electric.



Addax motors originate from Belgium, where they are designed and manufactured. They are then distributed to dealers in the UK by Iseki UK & Ireland.

Addax is 100% electric and the company has been active in the design and production of electric vehicles for years so you can trust in their years of expertise in this sector.

Addax is designed to be reliable and safe and has numerous user-centric features such as the locking function which causes the doors to automatically lock as the vehicle reaches a speed of 5km/h to protect the occupants.



The beauty of Addax is the customizability of their vehicles. This allows you to fully adapt the vehicle to meet your needs and to perform whatever task you are looking to utilize it for.

Some sectors which have benefited from the Addax include:

  • Cities and Urban areas – No emissions and compact design make this machine particularly suitable for any street or town.
  • Green areas – with high load capacity, zero air pollution, and being 100% silent this machine is ideal for public green areas with little disturbance.
  • Industry & facility management – compact to store and small enough to maneuver the cost is lower than fueled alternatives.


Benefits of Addax

Emissions free

This is a huge positive. Particularly for the environment and this is what makes many people make the switch. However no emissions also provides benefits in additional areas.

  • No emissions improve the working environment as workers are exposed to less harmful emissions which can be detrimental to their health.
  • With more emission-free zones coming into effect, the Addax allows companies to work within these parameters.
No Noise

Due to it being powered by battery, unlike fueled vehicles, the Addax produces little to no noise. This provides benefits to both the companies utilizing them as well as the workers.

  • For workers, working consistently in loud environments for long periods can put them at risk for hearing loss.
  • The Addax minimizes that risk and less noise provides a much calmer work environment.
  • Not restricted by noise restrictions. The Addax will be able to have more flexibility in their working practices as they are not limited by noise restrictions, meaning work can be carried out during all hours.
  • As well as this, transforming a fleet of vehicles into silent electric vehicles eliminates a large output of noise pollution.


Reduced cost

Fuel can be a particularly large expense for companies operating large fleets of vehicles. Going electric can help reduce this cost. Addax features one of the lowest running costs in the market.

“At Addax, the price per km of electric freight on short distance is at least 10% lower than that of diesel equivalents”


Compact with large capacity.

Addax is designed to be used within small spaces, be it alleyways, lanes, or in populated areas where parking is limited. Despite this it features a large capacity, with a payload of up to 1000kg and a maximum power of 12 kW, the small Addax, can be applied to large tasks. As well as this the turning circle is only 4.5 meters, allowing you to easily navigate around small areas.


The Addax is now available at Gammies. Get in touch to book a demo or to speak to one of our salesmen about all the possible benefits Addax’s features can provide you.