Robotic Mowers: 5 Fun features you might not know about

Robotic Mowers: 5 Fun features you might not know about

Robotic mowers are advancing quickly, and many brands are bringing out new and innovative features designed to make your lawn care even more interesting.

Although robotic mowers have an abundance of practical features designed to make your life easier, they also have some features which are more of a novelty rather than a necessity.

In this week’s blog, we will discuss five fun features of robotic mowers which you might not know about, hopefully, there is at least one on the list that surprises you!

Image of someone holding a phone, demonstrating what the app version of husqvanra rewilding mode looks like, there is a butterfly sitting on the phone and a Husqvarna robotic mower on the lawn in the background

  1. Husqvarna – Rewilding Mode

Husqvarna has released rewilding mode recently which is designed to encourage biodiversity in your garden by leaving 10% of your lawn un-mowed to grow long for the bees, butterflies, beetles, and other pollinators.

This feature has come at a time when more of us are concerned about our impact on the planet and is a great compromise between having a neat and tidy lawn and also leaving something for nature. Learn more about this new feature on their site.

Image of a family picture mowed into grass

  1. Stihl Design App for iMOW

Last Spring Stihl released a new features for their imow which allowed you to have preset images mowed into your lawn. It also enabled you to upload images of your own which it would then convert into a mower friendly design. Letting you upload pictures of your pet, family or food to be mowed onto your lawn.

This feature also had preset packs such as motivational quotes which gave you a different motivational quote mowed into your lawn every three days. More a novelty than necessity this is a really cool feature, learn more here

  1. Honda miimo robotic mower on some grass with an amazon Alexa next to it

    Honda Miimo

Amazone Alexa connectivity. Even just wanted to ask your mower to mow? Many robotic mowers, including selected Honda Miimo models have smart home connectivity, allowing you to adjust your mowers schedule without even lifting a finger, just ask Alexa to do it for you.

Row of Husqvarna robotic mowers lined up on a hill at sunset

  1. Husqvarna – Let your mower sing happy birthday to you

Husqvarna robots celebrated the birthday of NASA’s curiosity rover by adding a feature which allowed the mower to play a happy birthday tune. If you opted in for this feature then you would have heard your robot sing to the Mars Rover.

However since then, they have made it into a feature you can utalise for your own or loved ones birthday. You can set your robot to sing on a specific date and time so when you bring your loved ones out to the garden to see your well-manicured lawn, they can also hear the robotic mower sing them happy birthday.

Learn more about how to set this feature here

Robotic mower on the grass with a lady bug sticker skin on

  1. Skins

Ever wanted to put eyes on your robotic mower? You don’t have to settle for googly eyes which might fall off. Since you are able to name most of your robotic mowers in App, it’s not surprising that many people see their robots are more than just a tool.

Now you can make this be reflected on the outside, make your robot more fun, kid friendly or even just brighter with robotic mower skins.

You can get a range of different skin designs, for example Husqvarna sells a skin which allows you to turn your robotic mower into a ladybug! or if you’re looking it to blend in a little, you can get a decal of a flowerbed.

If you are just looking for a laugh you are also able to find eye decals for your robotic mower, similar to what you would get for your car.


These are just a few of the cool features that Husqvarna, Stihl and Honda have introduced within their robotic mower range to make their robots more than just a tool.

These cool features may not be your priority when searching for a robotic mower, but they are a cool bonus! Which was your favorite?