Robotic Mowers in Spring

Robotic Mowers in Spring

Depending on where you live you may have started to see a slight increase in temperatures, or perhaps the opposite. Not to fear though, as Spring has arrived and hopefully nicer weather will follow.

March – April is the typical time people start thinking about getting their robotic mower out of storage and putting it to work again, what should you know before you bring it out?


If you’ve had your robotic in storage at your local dealer.

If you have taken advantage of our Winter Servicing Packages you may have had your robotic mower in for a service, over the winter and perhaps had it stored with us also. If this is the case then your process is simple. Our robotic mower technician will do all the work for you and ensure your robotic mower is good to go for the grass-cutting season.


If you haven’t had your machine serviced…

There are a few reasons why annual servicing is recommended for machines, particularly robotic mowers who work hard day in, and day out.

  • It ensures your machine is prepared for the season ahead, minimizing breakdowns or potential issues during the time when you need it the most.
  • It may be required for the warranty, a lot of warranties require annual servicing of your machine to remain valid.

If you haven’t had your machine serviced yet, don’t worry. There’s still time before the rush begins. Get in touch to book a service with us.


Getting your machine out from storage.

Taking any machine out from a period of storage requires a few checks on it, particularly if you may have lacked on the preparation before-hand.

  • Check & fully charge the battery
  • Check the blades on your robotic mower, if they need replaced ensure you do this before you start your first cut
  • Give your machine a clean, it may have been in storage but gathering of dust or any debris left over from before winter can interfere particularly with moving parts such as the wheels so check this over beforehand.
  • Check your wires. If you have a robotic mower which follows a guidewire, ensure that any bad weather you may have had hasn’t interfered with any of the guidewires around your garden.


Your first cut.

How you do your first cut will depend on the state & growth of your lawn.

If your lawn is particularly overgrown, (higher than the maximum cutting height) for your model of robotic mower, then you will need to mow your lawn with a traditional mower beforehand.

Don’t cut too short. While it may be tempting to initially give it a good cut with a lot of length of, the weather at this time of year can cause your lawn to turn brown if you take too much length off. Gradually cut down to your desired length.


Wildlife Tip.

While the nights are still long and the mornings are still dark it is essential that you don’t schedule your mower to run at night. During this time of year, hedgehogs are still being born, so to protect any nocturnal wildlife going through your garden, particularly at this time of year it is recommended to only schedule your mower for the daytime.

Robotic mowers are being looked at for their impact on the local wildlife, a recent study discussed the safety levels between different brands of robotic mowers and their features, in this study Husqvarna performed particularly well due to their safety features and are continuing to work towards ensuring wildlife safety with their Biolife initiative. Learn more from Husqvarna.


Looking for a robotic mower?

Perhaps you don’t have one but are looking to enhance the automation in your home, or are simply sick of spending your spare time taking care of the garden.

Robotic mowers are designed to take lawncare off your hands and give you the time back to enjoy your neat garden.

Want to learn more? Get in touch.