Why pruning is important – A guide to how and why you should prune your trees.

Why pruning is important – A guide to how and why you should prune your trees.

According to the Husqvarna Garden Calendar, August through to September is the ideal time to prune trees and bushes.

The main reason for this which is argued by most garden professionals is that pruning promotes growth, and you are then more likely to produce better fruit or flowers. But there are other reasons why pruning is important.


Why should you prune?

Growth- if you want your tree to grow to its healthy potential then pruning in moderation is the way to go. When you remove the branches which may not be doing so well the tree is then able to dedicate its resources to the healthier parts and push out regrowth. Moderation is the key term here, over-pruning can have opposing effects on the tree and you may end up with an even sparser tree.

Can trees get sick? Yes, they can. Diseases on trees can spread quickly and the most common treatment is pruning. Typically, fungi can affect a tree, and whilst it may not kill it, it will leave it looking worse for wear. Pruning the affected areas will prevent it from spreading and allow the tree to re-grow healthier branches in those areas.

Ever had branches fall in high winds or just drop all by themselves? Pruning dead or damaged branches ensures that the branches won’t fall on unsuspecting passersby during bad weather.

Unwanted growth can be removed. If you don’t like it or if it’s causing an issue you can just cut it off! Branches that are too close to your windows or powerlines or disrupting your view can be pruned. Will they grow back? Most likely but pruning them correctly won’t kill your tree.


Can pruning damage your tree?

Yes, pruning at the wrong time and over-pruning can cause damage to the tree. It is important to prune appropriately depending on the species of tree and if you are in doubt, leave it to a professional.

How do you know when is best to prune each tree? This guide from the Arboricultural Association is extremely useful in determining when is the best time to prune your tree based on the species in question and their tolerance to pruning.


What are the best tools for pruning?

So, what tools should you use? This will depend on the size of the tree you are pruning as well as what you, yourself are capable and comfortable with operating.

Typically if you’re looking to prune some tall but thinner branches then a pole pruner is the ideal tool for the task. These feature telescopic shafts which extend to a certain length and are best described as mini saws on the end of a pole. This allows you to reach high without having to climb and is generally the safer route.

An example of this is the Stihl HTA86 Cordless pole pruner which provides excellent cutting performance with the addition of being battery powered this leads to less noise, fewer vibrations, and fewer emissions. An all-around ideal tool for the domestic user.

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If you are looking to prune low and reachable trees and shrubs then a handheld pruner may be more appropriate. Similar to the pole pruner this tool is a mini saw designed to be able to cut through small to medium-sized branches just handheld.

An example of this is the GTA26 cordless garden pruner. Powered via batteries it gives you the same power with the bonus of less noise, vibrations, and emissions.

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If the branches you are looking to trim are particularly large or perhaps you’re needing to get rid of a few trees altogether then a chainsaw would be more suitable. This option is recommended only for those who are capable and knowledgeable of how to use and handle a tool such as this.

We have a range of saws available such as ones suitable for around the garden maintenance to higher powered, professional standard saws. Both petrol-powered and battery-powered saws are available with a variety of bar lengths.

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