A Look Into: Yanmar Compact Equipment

A Look Into: Yanmar Compact Equipment

As a new Yanmar dealer, you may have seen us post a bit about the current Yanmar products we offer. But what is Yanmar? If you’re keen to learn more about the brand then keep reading!


The History of Yanmar.

Yanmar was founded in 1912 as Yamaoka Hatsudoki Kosakusho and started production with gas engines. It was in 1921 that Yanmar was adopted as the Brand name. They launched their mini excavator series in 1971. Throughout its lifespan, Yanmar has won many awards for its engines and is known worldwide with an expansive dealer network across a variety of countries.

Learn more about their journey on their website Or you can even read about the beginning of Yanmar in comic form!



What makes Yanmar Engines so Special?

There are a few wonderful qualities about Yanmar engines that make them one of the most respected engines.


These diesel engines are designed to be long-lasting, so much so that they are one of the most durable engines in the industry.


Yanmar has developed engines for a few different industries, from construction to marine engines. Something which they are praised for across the board is their reliability to withstand a long lifespan and also to thrive in demanding conditions.

They are ahead of the game.

Yanmar are ahead of the game in their design, they incorporate industry-leading technology into their engines to give them an edge over the competition.

The Engine within their excavators uses leading technology to obtain clean exhaust and powerful output, making these machines silent and safe to use in covered or residential areas.


Why people are loyal to Yanmar.

As well as the great design, efficiency, and durability of their engines, There are some other reasons why people stick to Yanmar when it comes to machines like mini excavators.

Yanmar Mini excavators are ideal for hydraulic attachments in fact, they are designed for them. With high horsepower and auxiliary flow, Yanmar machines are built to withstand demanding attachments, giving the user as much flexibility as possible.

They have an expansive dealer network, making for simple access to Yanmar equipment, attachments, and genuine parts. As well as this, the engineers within the Yanmar dealer network are specifically trained in working with Yanmar equipment and are up to date on any news or changes made within the brand.

Our engineers went to France to learn more about the servicing and repair of Yanmar equipment, so you know that no matter the machine. You are in safe hands.

The products

As a Yanmar dealer, we have access to a range of great machines, some of our favorites include:

Yanmar SV08-1C Excavator

This machine is designed for versatility and maneuverability. Weighing in at less than 1 ton, this ultra mini excavator can operate within confined spaces while maintaining high performance.

Designed with usability, safety, and comfort in mind, this machine boasts an abundance of features such as ROPS, low engine noise, ultra-small rear turning radius, and a retractable seat belt designed to make your work easier and keep you safe.

Yanmar compact excavator model SV08


Yanmar SV15VT

The Yanmar SV15VT is a jack-of-all-trades type of machine, it can be applied to a variety of applications including but not limited to, Agriculture, Civil engineering, construction, and landscaping.

This dependable machine boasts impressive performance while maintaining compact dimensions, making it ideal for most job sites where space is a limited resource.

Yanmar compact excavator model SV15VT


Looking for your own Yanmar, genuine parts, or servicing and repairs? Get in touch with us today.