A step forward in lawncare: Automower® NERA

A step forward in lawncare: Automower® NERA

Big things are coming this year and it begins with the release of Husqvarna’s highly anticipated Automower ® NERA.

Husqvarna launched their EPOS™ (Exact positioning operating system) three years ago for commercial users. Unlike previous robotic mowers, these mowers did not require a boundary wire installed around the perimeter but instead operated using satellite navigation technology to create virtual cutting zones which can be altered using the accompanying app on your mobile phone. This gave those commercial users a huge improvement in flexibility.

This year, they are bringing this technology to private gardens with their launch of Automower®  Nera. This offers those who have private gardens the ability to work without the use of guidewires, limiting any potential issues that damage to the wires may cause and offering increased flexibility.

As well as being wireless, these models also arrive with a range of upgrades. Including the object avoidance feature. This built-in technology aids the mower in detecting and avoiding objects.

When applied, the detection mode will reduce the speed of the mower and make collisions softer and the avoidance mode will make the mower turn to avoid impact.


What is EPOS™  technology?

Exact positioning operating system is satellite-based technology that allows the mowers to be within virtual boundaries set via the app. To do this an EPOS™  plug-in kit will be required (Sold separately) Reference stations are set up around your garden this is what helps the mower receive satellite signals. From there you set up your boundary via the app and off the mower goes.

This technology allows you to alter where your mower mows at any time. Say you have guests over last minute but don’t want to interrupt your mower taking care of the rest of your garden. Create a virtual stay-out zone on the app and your mower will keep out of your way but still maintain the rest of your garden.

Once it is finished or its battery is getting low, your mower will then return itself to its charging station to recharge for the next mow without you doing a thing.


The models.

Husqvarna has three models of the NERA Automower® available for private gardens:

320 NERA with EPOS™ plug-in kit
320 NERA

This model is suitable for tackling lawns up to 2200m2. The 320 features improved terrain performance and can handle slopes up to 50% incline as well as tough terrain.

430X NERA with EPOS™ plug-in kit

The 430X model is capable of handling complex lawns of up to 3200m2. Featuring intelligent object avoidance this model also has improved terrain performance and can handle lawns of up to 3200m2. This model also features GPS Theft Tracking as well as an abundance of other smart features.

product image gallery of Husqvarna NERA Automower
450X NERA with EPOS™ plug-in kit

Designed for larger areas, this model has a working area capacity of 5000m2 and also can handle slopes of up to 50%. With GPS Theft tacking, intelligent object avoidance, and reliable operation this model is packed with smart features designed to make your garden care effortless.

All of these models support the Husqvarna EPOS™ system and have an EPOS™ plug-in kit that works alongside the reference station available for purchase separately.


Husqvarna NERA models will be available for purchase from in Gammies 2023

Please enquire for latest dates on availability.


The installation process

The installation process is simple with our home installation service. From inquiry to checkup, our expert robotic mower salesperson will take you through the whole process to make your journey to an effortlessly perfect lawn as simple as possible.

After an inquiry, our robotic mower expert will be able to make a home visit to evaluate your garden to ensure it is suitable for a robotic mower. From there they will make recommendations on what model/type of mower would best suit the area and your needs.

From purchase to installation. Our experts will come out and install the technology for you. The reference stations require to be set up as well as the charging point, and connection to the app. Our expert will go through all of the features of your new mower alongside how to adjust anything.

Your mower will then get to work.

Known for our excellent aftercare, we provide you with a number to call should any issues or queries arise, and we also provide a high-quality winter servicing package to keep your mower in top condition and safe throughout the winter. Our robotic mower expert will also carry out post-installation checks to ensure that your mower is running well and that you are happy with your lawn improvements.

Interested in taking the first step to a effortlessly perfect lawn? Get in touch today.