December Gardening: preparation and planning

December Gardening: preparation and planning

While the main part of the season is over, it’s time for you to relax and be proud of all you have achieved in your garden and think about what your garden goals are next year.

Some preparations can begin in December to prepare and maintain your garden for the even lower drops in temperatures in January, so what can do you in your Garden in December?



Pruning… It’s not too late! Now all of your leaves have fallen to the ground you can see all of your branches making it easier to decide what needs to go and what needs to stay. Pruning damaged, dead or diseased branches not only benefits the health of the tree but also prevents accidents and also prevents more cleanup from any damage falling or flying branches may cause when the wind picks up. Prune sparingly and ensure that you don’t cut back your trees too much.


Leaf clean-up

Now is the time to finish your leaf clean up, while some people aren’t worried about a few leaves on their lawn, others like to keep a clean and tidy look, clearing leaves before it gets too wet is only going to benefit you in the long run and prevent more hard work later down the line. If you are someone who lets the leaves be, fair enough but at least consider clearing them off paths to eliminate a slipping hazard when they become wet or frozen.


Plant and pot protection.

Ensure that you have adequate protection in place for your plants and pots, we don’t know what the Winter will bring and extremely low temperatures of frost will cause damage to your pots and any plants in them. Solutions to this can include bringing them in if you have a greenhouse or creating protection via covers or wrapping the pots to prevent cracking.


Equipment preparation.

Depending on what you used this year, you know which tools and machines you need the most throughout the year. Winter is a good time to give them a breather. This quiet time is also ideal to book them in for a service or any repairs which you have been putting off to ensure they are in top condition for all your 2023 garden plans. Book in early to avoid the rush.

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If you aren’t getting your equipment serviced then you will be preparing your equipment for Winter storage. We have a blog post coming soon about the ins and outs of correctly storing your equipment over Winter!


New equipment.

Maybe you’re thinking about investing in some new equipment next year, like a new mower or chainsaw, perhaps your current one just isn’t cutting it or maybe it’s so old that it’s time for a change. Speaking to your dealer with plenty of time in advance will reduce stress on your end with some stock being difficult to get in, ensure you get exactly what you want when you need it by enquiring in advance.

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Lifestyle changes.


If you’re thinking about making some lifestyle changes and wanting a new you in the new year, then don’t skip past your garden. If you’re someone who likes to host a lot of garden parties or takes a lot of pride in how their lawn looks but lacks the time to maintain it, or simply doesn’t enjoy the process, then you should consider a robotic mower. Not only will it give you your time back for the more important things, but it will also ensure that your lawn is always looking its best and party-ready.

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Reduced emissions.

Perhaps you’re adopting a more environmentally friendly approach next year. As well as your car, garden care has also gone battery-powered. Numerous tools have gone battery-powered, from mowers to blowers. For the best financial benefit, it is recommended to purchase all your required tools from the same brand, most brands offer a universal battery system, allowing you to have one or two batteries and chargers for all your tools, reducing the cost in the long run.

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Love your fueled equipment or simply don’t want to get a new machine? There are still ways you can reduce your impact. Why not switch to Aspen. Aspen has virtually no pollutants, allowing you to use your machines longer while producing less toxic emissions alongside numerous other benefits such as convenience, machine health and user health, its the obvious choice.

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