Groundcare Machinery Annual Servicing

Groundcare Machinery Annual Servicing

With Winter approaching quickly it’s time to think about getting your annual service in. While your Groundcare machinery is out working hard during the summer, an issue is the last thing you need. Likewise, you don’t want to be without your machine during peak times so servicing is best done for your convenience, in the Winter.

While you aren’t using your machines as much, you can get your machine in for a service to ensure that it is in excellent condition for the beginning of next year.


Why should you get an annual service?

There are a few reasons why an annual service is a good idea. Although some may see it as an added expense to owning their machinery, others very rightly see it as an investment that is going to pay off in the long run.

  • Ensuring long machinery lifespan – It’s no secret that looking after your machine is going to ensure that. Particularly if you utilize your machine a lot, it will need some TLC to ensure that it lasts as long as you expect.
  • Reducing faults later in the year – While servicing cannot guarantee that your machinery will experience no faults throughout the year, it can detect potential faults early and save you both time and money further down the line as well as a lot of stress.
  • Ensuring high performance – As well as ensuring the expected lifespan, if the equipment is not looked after properly then it can lead to a reduction in performance, taking care of your machinery and equipment with regular servicing will allow you to ensure that your machinery is working to its full capacity.
  • Warranty – If your machine is under warranty, then an annual service may be required to ensure that the warranty remains valid. Please check with your local dealer to see if this applies to your machine.


What gets done during an annual service?

What gets done during service is entirely dependent on the machine in question, Each machine is treated and tested differently.

Some general items which are common during service include:

  • checking the machine for any faults or potential future faults
  • Testing the machine to ensure its performance works effectively
  • Changing/replacing parts as necessary
  • Safety checks
  • Cleaning of the interior of the machine

This is general and there may be more or less depending on the machine in question.

Types of servicing.

At Gammies, since our range of machinery is so large, we offer a variety of types of servicing, here are a few categories:

Robotic Mower Servicing

We offer different tiers of robotic mower servicing so depending on your requirements, you’re getting exactly what you need. Our robotic mower servicing packages include genuine branded parts to ensure that your machinery is fitted with the highest quality parts to maintain its performance throughout the year. We also offer packages with pick-up and delivery to make our service even more convenient.

Robotic mower servicing is particularly important because this machinery is in daily use throughout the year, winter is the only break your robot gets and so this is the ideal time to ensure it’s performing at its best to tackle the spring growth.

See below for our packages and prices.

Professional machinery

We all know that professional machinery isn’t cheap, and throughout the year it’s put through the wringer more than most. The intense and frequent use can lead to issues if not maintained to a high standard.

We offer services on a range of machinery during the winter to ensure that you have minimal seasonal disruptions.

Get in touch today to speak to our service department who can provide you with more information regarding what goes on during your service and price, these will vary from machine to machine, and the model of the machine will also play a role.


Domestic machinery & equipment

Likewise, domestic equipment should be maintained to a high standard to get the desired lifespan out of it. For many, even if you use your machine frequently or rarely, you expect a certain lifespan from your equipment. Regular servicing, cleaning, and maintenance will ensure that your machine is performing at its best and lasts.

All shown prices are including VAT, for more information regarding specific machinery service prices please don’t hesitate to get in contact to speak to one of our team members who can give you more details.