Lawn and Garden Maintenance in Spring

Lawn and Garden Maintenance in Spring

As we are getting further into Spring, the weather still has a mind of its own, meaning we may not get out in our Garden as much as we might like at the moment.

There are a few different things you can do this Spring to work towards your ideal Summer Garden. This will of course depend on what your version of an ideal Garden is.


The wild ones.

A perfectly manicured lawn isn’t for everyone. Some of us don’t have the time or desire to maintain it, or perhaps you would like to let more nature back into your garden.

Allowing a portion of your lawn to grow long and letting wildflowers grow is a trend we have seen in the last few years. This trend has a lot of benefits and can aid biodiversity in your garden.

Spring is the ideal time to let it grow, you can even plant some flower seeds within this area to add some color as you may not get flowers growing naturally.

Hayter lawnmower mowing lawn

Traditional, well-kept lawn.

If you’re someone who does enjoy a well-manicured lawn or just enjoys the garden work itself, then it’s finally your season. After a long winter you can finally go back out into your garden and get to work.

It’s important to remember during your first mow not to get to eager and trim the lawn too much. You should start at a slightly higher cutting height and work your way down. Mowing regularly will help keep your grass at a manageable length and you will soon be on your way to achieving the ideal summer lawn.

If you feel like your grass is looking a little worse for wear after the Winter or if it just needs a little helping hand. You can always feed your lawn to help.

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Now is also the ideal time to scarify if required as your lawn will have the time it needs to recover. This will help get rid of debris, moss, thatch and the overall buildup over the Winter. You can also Aerate at this time to help with any drainage issues, which you might notice more with the recent bouts of heavy rain.

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Husqvarna edger

Keep the edges sharp.

It’s underestimated how much the edges impact the overall look of your lawn. Once you’ve tided them up you release how much better it looks. There are a few ways you can go about this.

You can use shears if you have a small garden or don’t mind some hard work. Alternatively, you can use a strimmer or an edger attachment to tidy those edges up efficiently.

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Get your machine serviced.

It’s not something everyone always does but it is so important, both for the machine and for the outcome you are looking for. If you have a warranty, then yearly servicing may be required to ensure it remains valid (Check with your local dealer to see if this is the case for your warranty) But in general your machine can benefit a lot from servicing:

  • Saves time and money later in the season if potential issues are discovered and resolved before they become major, costly issues.
  • Blade sharpening will impact the quality of cut you get on your lawn and ensure it doesn’t leave you with brown tips.
  • Improves the life expectancy of your mower. Mowers aren’t cheap and we often get attached to the ones we have had for a long time, ensure it get’s the most out of it’s lifespan with regular servicing.
  • Getting your mower serviced in Spring beats the start of summer rush where everyone puts their mower in before their grass becomes unmanageable.

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