Honda Robotic Mower

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  • 5 year domestic warranty
  • one year professional use warranty

40B Live

Our new Small Miimo takes the effort out of lawn maintenance, ensuring your garden looks pristine every day. The intelligent
robotic mower, which calculates your garden’s size, learns its layout and works out a mowing calendar all on its own. With the power to mow areas of up to 400m2, there’s no easier way to keep your lawn in perfect condition all year round.
Special features include:
-Automatic charging system, meaning when the Automower needs to charge, it will make its way back to the charging station, then when charged will carry on with its work.
-Micro Mulching, The HRM40 cuts the glass clipping into minute particles so they drop down through the grass and act as a natural fertiliser.
-Map and Mow, Using the simple 4 step set up process Map and Mow will calculate your garden size and create a mowing calendar.
-Weatherproof, The HRM40 is weatherproof and can tackle most wet weather conditions.
-Place and Mow, this Automower can mow in small hard to reach places like under garden furniture by manually activating it to mow in a precise area.


*Installation not included, please note we have our own installation service available, please enquire for details

Warranty available *Subject to following of service schedule. Warranty options depend on type of use, please get in touch for more information
£990.00 RRP (inc. VAT)

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