STIGA Strimmers and Hedgetrimmers

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The Stiga BC 750 B brush cutter is a petrol-powered lawn trimmer fitted with a 44.8 cc 2-stroke petrol engine which has a straight shaft, reinforced support as well as a bike-style handle, and a 45 cm cutting width, This model features a new digital display.

Within this model is the innovative EEM (electronic engine management) system which makes it simple and easy to start the engine as it is electronically controlled and designed for less energy consumption, less wear, and also longer performance. User comfort is guaranteed due to the reinforced forestry style build as well as it being well balanced and producing fewer vibrations during use.

The handlebars which are bike style offer maximum comfort and control. The digital display is located on the handle and provides you with all the relevant information while you are working as well as maintenance alerts to ensure that you can effectively preserve the quality and efficiency of the machine.



  • Power source: petrol 2-stroke
  • Power: 1.5kW
  • Displacement: 44.8cm3
  • engine rotation speed: 7500 rpm
  • Maximum engine speed: 9500 rpm
  • Idling speed (+/-100): 3000rpm
  • Primer: yes
  • Choke: Automatic
  • Fuel tank capacity: 0.8l
  • Carburetor type: Butterfly valve
  • Ignition coil type: Digital
  • Air filter type: paper
  • Cutting system: Nylon line diameter (millimeter) 3
  • Cutting width: 45cm
  • Nylon head type: bump and work dual-line
  • Nylon line length: 4m
  • Blade type: 3T ARC
  • Blade diameter: 255mm


  • Shaft type: straight, 8mm inner shaft diameter with a 30mm shat tube diameter
£511.00 RRP (inc. VAT)