The Rising Trend In Lawn Maintenance. Robotic Mowers

Robotic mowers have been around for a while, companies such as Husqvarna have been developing them since the 1990’s and other large brands such as Honda and Stihl then entered into the market. From then, this technology has advanced and major developments have been made such as self-docking, compatibility with Alexa and lifting sensors making these devices more convenient, simpler and safer to use than ever. Due to these advancements this technology is becoming increasingly popular and more people than ever are investing in their own.


How they work

Robotic mowers work by utilizing a mapping system. A boundary wire has to be installed around your garden to give the mower a perimeter to work within. As well as this it can be used to set out ‘no go’ areas to ensure that if there are any obstacles in the middle of your lawn that it avoids them.

The mowers are designed to follow erratic, random routes rather than an organized pattern. They go until they bump into something, then turn in a random direction and go off that way, eventually they will have driven across all of your lawn, and they return to their charging stations before their batteries die.

Unlike regular lawn mowers which you pull out every time your grass is beginning to be an eyesore, Robotic mowing is a full-time job, these mowers will mow continuously to get the lawn down to the desired length. This pattern allows them to maintain the grass, consistently and in a healthy way leading to better looking grass without leaving any cutting patterns.

The mowers all have sensors which allow them to comprehend lifting motions, meaning if you tried to lift it while it was on it would automatically stop. This is a safety precaution set to make the mowers safe to use around children and pets however care should be taken to what is left on the grass as if the item is small enough to fit under the mower it will more than likely get shredded.



For your security and the mowers individual safety there are some security features designed into most Robotic mowers, these can extend from a pin code which means only those with this code can use the mower, an alarm which basically means the mower screams for help when its lifted without the code first being inputted or if its isn’t asked to stop and finally if the model has a GPS function then the mower will send you an alert indicating that it is out of its designated area, from there you can track the mower to a certain distance, allowing you to locate it in the event it is stolen. Fortunately, the rate for Robotic mower theft is generally low due to the lack of value to the thief. Each mower is paired to its base meaning that if it was stolen it cannot be used making it rather unattractive to thieves.



When looking at the benefits of Robotic mowers one of the most obvious and most common reasons people get them is convenience. Why go out and spend the time, effort and hassle of mowing your lawn if you can get a robot to do it for you, and even do it better. Unlike a regular mower which can be intrusive and flatten grass, damaging it. The Robotic mowers cut little but often and their frequent trips around your garden does less damage than regular mowing, leading to healthier grass and giving you that good looking green lawn you desire.

This isn’t the only reason why Robotic mowers can lead to healthier grass; frequent mowing can lead to less weeds growing. As well as this you may be wondering where the grass goes that the mower cuts, It doesn’t require any bags to be changed. Because the mower only cuts a very small section each time, a thin layer of grass remains on the surface and decomposes to provide your lawn with a constant flow of natural fertilizer.

There are numerous reasons why people get Robotic mowers, despite them often being a larger investment then manual mowers they take out any labor aspects of mowing which is often what people dread. It allows you to have healthy, neatly cut grass all year round and gives you time to enjoy it, it can also be a great option for those unable to mow their lawn themselves, as well as that you can name them!.


Finding the right one for you

With different Brands and models containing different features it can often be difficult to determine which one will be the right fit for you. There can be a lot of variable factors which determine what type of Robotic mower would be suited for you and your lawn, these can include the shape, if you have multiple lawns, if there are hills, if you want mobile connectivity and the size. All these factors and more can determine what brand or model you will lean towards.

Due to all of these differences we can appreciate how confusing choosing the right Robotic mower can be, that’s why when enquiring for an Robotic mower, our brilliant sales team will come out and evaluate your garden and discuss with you what options would be best for you.



We carry three of the most popular brands of Robotic mowers with a variety of different models. Here is an overview of what some of the brands offer



Husqvarna Robotic mower on grass with logo

Husqvarna is one of the most popular brands of Robotic mowers and their history with this technology means they are leading the charge towards robotic mower advancement. Some of the Husqvarna models feature All-wheel-drive meaning they have great maneuverability to be able to tackle complex terrain. The mowers are designed to be used when the lawn is not in use, so while you’re sleeping these mowers will quietly cut your grass no matter if its rain or shine, The Husqvarna mowers are designed to be resilient to weather conditions and will brace the cold and rain even when you won’t. Husqvarna models such as the 430 X feature GPS-assisted navigation which allows the mower to adjust its pattern to be more optimized for better lawn coverage and its compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Home means all you have to do is ask and the Robotic mower will head out and mow your lawn.



Honda Robotic mower on grass with logo

Hondas Miimo Robotic mower is designed to maintain your grass in all seasons so in the spring and summer it will cut more frequently to allocate for that extra growth. The Miimo will know when its charge is running low and will return to the charging station on its own so no need for you to walk it home. The Miimos charging time ranges depending on model from 30-60 minutes and once charged will start up itself and get back to work so quietly you wont even notice.



Stihl Robotic mower on grass with logo

Stihls robotic mower, the imow can be set to mow when it suits you, with different models suitable for small to large lawns the imow range is varied depending on your requirements. Imows attractiveness lies in its speed. It can cut quickly and adjust its speed to match the terrain, going slower on thicker grass or on slopes.


All of these brands offer a range of mowers depending on the size of the garden, the features desired and the price point you are looking for. They all follow similar concepts but are unique in their own rights and offer a variety of different functions and capabilities depending on preferences.


The future of the robotic-mower Industry

The robotic mower industry is growing quickly and despite impacts from Covid-19 the industry is projected to expand at a continuous rate over the upcoming years. Companies such as Husqvarna are continuing to push the boundaries of what we originally believed robotic technology could provide for us.

These mowers are not only making our lives easier but making a healthy and tidy garden accessible to those who may not have the ability to maintain it themselves. As they further work to develop the technology to be smarter by the current development of GPS navigated mowers, further safety precaution research, to make the mowers safer for natures inhabitants and further changes such as extending the mowers battery life then these mowers will continue to push themselves even further to the forefront of the ground care industry.


Looking for a robotic mower?

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