What Attachments do I need? Attachments for compact tractors

What Attachments do I need? Attachments for compact tractors

Compact utility tractors are gaining in popularity and there’s no wonder, with the right implements these machines are so versatile and can be applied to a huge variety of practices from Horticulture to agriculture, grounds keeping, and even contractors. In previous blogs we have discussed how versatile and useful compact tractors can be, this post will dive more into what attachments are available and which ones you need depending on your task.

Why chose attachments?

Attachments are ideal because you don’t need to buy a whole new machine for the job one attachment can do. Not only are attachments typically cheaper than a whole new machine but they can sometimes be applied in more areas.


What attachments are there?

There is a huge range of attachments available for tractors, likely hood is if you have a task then there’s an attachment suitable.

For Transport & Materials


Loaders are by far the most popular attachment for compact utility tractors, this can be for their versatility and simplicity. A simple attachment that is easy to use but can do so much more than scoop dirt. It is great for hauling heavy resources and equipment, it can deal with dirt, snow, gravel whatever you are dealing with. As well as this there are other similar attachment types available such as pallet forks and grapple buckets to suit the type of work you are doing.

Although loaders are attachments they can be included at the point of sale, Our Farmtrac compact tractors offer different front loaders as an optional addition with the purchase of one, Browse our range of farmtracs now for more information


Similar to loaders, trailers offer a basic function with a lot of versatility. Different trailers allow you to move different items safely, this can include a range of things such as heavy materials or livestock.

For Preparation of ground

Box Grader

Box graders are a popular attachment for tractors, these attachments are used as a scraper to push or pull materials. Most box graders have ripper teeth or a toolbar that can be adjusted for depth, the teeth allow for hard soil to be broken up and for compacted soil to be loosened the blade then makes the ground smooth.

This attachment can be used in a variety of applications from driveway maintenance, to gardens and they even make good snowplows.

 Winton WRB5 Box Grader & WRb6 Box Grader are available at Gammies

Chain Harrows

Chain harrows or popularly used and can be used for a large variety of applications, they should ideally be used in dry, warm conditions and can be used to remove dead thatch, moss, and mole hills while improving air movement and root aeration to improve water filtration, reduction of disease and overall improved soil health.

Spring Tine Harrows

Similarly Spring tine hallows are used for rejuvenating pastures, maintaining large areas of grass and for creating seedbeds. This device is designed to break up soil and encourage aeration to stimulate grass growth and health. Both spring tine harrows and chain harrows are also used for the easy scattering of manure to provide fertilizer for the grass.

Power Harrow

Power Harrows are ideal for landscapers, farmers, and allotment owners, really anyone who is looking for the ground to be prepared to be reseeded or turfed. This attachment works by stirring the soil instead of mixing it and preserving the soil structure while still preparing it and aerating the ground. This allows for the materials which are planted to grow in healthier conditions as it enables the soil to gain warmth quicker.

Winton WRB5 & WRB6 Box Graders available at Gammies


A rotovator is usually at the top of most farmers attachment list. Designed to break up and churn the soil this allows the soil to be prepared for planting.


A roller can be used within different applications such as from an agricultural stand point, flattening land or breaking up large clumps of soil, lawn rollers are designed to smoothen out the lawn and prove you with an overall better looking lawn.


For keeping the grass under control

Flail Mower

Flail mowers are the ideal choice for overgrown areas which contain more than just grass, such as different vegetation like vines and brush. Different models can be used on angles so with verges and ditches making them more versatile than some traditional mowers and capable of handling more. As well as this because of the way the blades run, there is a reduced risk of debris being thrown, making it the safer option if you don’t know what lies in the vegetation or for areas with rocks, wood, or litter.

Topper Mower

Similarly, a topper mower is designed to take the top of long grasses, small saplings, and scrubland. This type of attachment typically works well on level pastures to cut down overgrown grass to a more manageable level.

Finishing Mower

This is ideal if you are seeking tidy, well-maintained grass. These attachments are typically used to maintain lawns, sports fields, golf courses, and large areas of grass which are under eight inches in length.

These attachments are rear discharge meaning that the attachment evenly spreads the grass clippings back onto the grass to act as a natural fertilizer and in turn, allows for a healthy lawn.

Winton WFM120, WFM150 & WFM 180 and Hampton 1.5 & 1.8 finishing mower Available at Gammies


For Spraying and Spreading


If you have a farm or are growing something then more often than not you will be using pesticides, sprayers are commonly used as the most efficient way to achieve this. There are different types and sizes of sprayers available depending on your use as well as the machine you are using for it and there are ones that are capable of altering the nozzles for the use of different products or to change the spacing between them.

Enduromax Sprayers available at Gammies

Salt Spreaders

If you live in Scotland then you know the need to be prepared for Winter. When it comes to those colder months if you have a driveway or roads that you need clear then using a mounted salt spreader will do the trick. Throughout this post, there have been mentions of other attachments which can alternatively be used as snowplows such as loaders and box graders. However, for the icy days then a salt spreader is more appropriate.

There is a wide range of salt spreader attachments available depending on what machine you are using with them, these include tractor-mounted, towed, ones suitable for 4x4s, ATV & UTVs as well as ones that can be mounted on pallet forks.

At Gammies we offer a range of spreaders, towed, mounted, and pedestrian from Western, Tomlin, Amazone, and E P Barrus

Fertilizer spreaders

Similar to salt spreaders, fertilizer spreaders offer a simpler way of distributing fertilizer or seed across the area you are trying to cover, a much faster and more accurate method.


There are so many more attachments available that can give you endless possibilities for the use of your compact tractor, which is truly one of the most versatile machines you could own.

For information surrounding any of the attachments mentioned or any you are looking for, then give us a call on 01307 468 556 who can advise on the best attachment for the job, or send an email to [email protected]