Which ride-on mower is right for you?

Which ride-on mower is right for you?

With the grass-cutting season coming around quickly, this week’s blog is dedicated to ride on mowers.

Some people are undecided when it comes to their mowers. They may think that if their garden isn’t that big then only your typical push mower is suitable for the job or those with larger gardens may think that a domestic ride-on, will not do the job and that professional help is required. This isn’t always true. Lawnmowers have come a long way, and like most things, they come in all different shapes and sizes designed for your garden type.

Small ride-on mowers.

If you have a smaller garden, with small pathways, you might think that a ride-on mower is too big. but there are ones designed for smaller pathways that are narrow and have a small turning radius, ideal for tight corners or those who don’t have a huge amount of storage space.

For example, the Mountfield 827 H ride-on mower which is smaller and easily maneuverable, or a battery-powered alternative the Freedom 28e.

It is recommended to check the width of any gates, or pathways before purchase to ensure your new mower is the perfect fit!

Why would you get a ride on lawnmower if you have a small garden? You might think that a ride-on mower for a smaller garden is a bit excessive. But there are a few reasons why those with small gardens might consider them:

  • For those not physically abled, who still like to maintain their garden themselves, a ride-on mower is a great alternative. Although if your mower collects, you may need assistance emptying the grass bag.
  • It saves time. Grass grows quickly, and that is why some people begin to get overwhelmed and just don’t have the time in the day to go out for an hour or more to mow. Ride-on mowers have a larger grass bag capacity, meaning you can go longer without emptying it. It’s also quicker to whiz around than walking back and forth with a push mower.
  • It’s more fun! Some people don’t think garden maintenance is all that exciting, although some feel differently. There’s no denying that driving about on a little machine is much more fun than pushing something back and forth.

There are downsides…

Like all things in life, there are downsides to ride-on mowers which is important to remember while deciding if they are the right machine for you.

  • They require more storage space. Although smaller ride on’s are great, they are larger than your typical push mower and still require a safe and dry storage space during the winter months.
  • Cost, these are more costly than your traditional push mower, and as a larger machine, they will also be more costly to run and maintain. If maintained properly they will last you for years and will continue to provide you a quality cut.
  • Most ride-on mowers are collection, this would mean that you would have to have a designated space to empty it in your garden or ability to remove the grass once you have mowed.


Domestic ride-ons for medium to large gardens

If you have a larger garden that is relatively flat then it is ideal for a ride-on mower, particularly if you’re someone who likes the idea of going out in the summer and mowing your lawn with little effort, enjoying the sun.

There are a huge variety of brands and models designed for every type of garden and every type of application.

  • Perhaps you need a bit more maneuverability because you have a lot of trees, a Husqvarna 214TC with a combi deck will allow you to cover a huge area while being both flexible and powerful.
  • If you have a huge estate or multiple gardens to tackle then a lawn tractor might be more appropriate, mow with comfort, and ease, and still get the highest quality results with Iseki’s SXG Lawn Tractor range.
  • If you’re transitioning your machines to battery, you don’t have to compromise when it comes to ride-on mowers, most brands now offer a battery version and you can even get zero-turn mowers run entirely on battery such as the EGO Z6 zero-turn.

Browse our full range of ride-on mowers here


Larger gardens with tough terrain.

If you have a larger garden you may be thinking that a ride-on lawnmower is ideal, but if it has rough terrain or is highly overgrown you may be contemplating the safety aspects of ride-on mowers.

This is an important thought, all ride-on mowers will have a limit for the incline they can safely cut at. However, if this is the case for your garden, all is not lost. There are a few options.

  • Option one is using your typical walk-behind mowers or hover mowers, both can work on an incline and are much safer than attempting to use a ride-on mower there. However, if you have a larger garden this may not be feasible.
  • Zero turn mowers, these mowers are often lower to the ground and are highly maneuverable, making them a better choice for gardens with banks or hills. For example, the Toro MX5075T Zero turn is designed for large, uneven terrain.
  • Option three is a robotic mower, this might come as a surprise as the general perception of these is that they only work on completely flat or small gardens, but this isn’t entirely true. More advanced models can tackle larger areas, with higher inclines, and can even cross paths if your garden is separated. So to eliminate the work of mowing your lawn altogether, a robotic mower is something to consider.

It is important to note that ALL machines will have a limit for what incline they can safely tackle, so it is important to discuss your garden type with your dealer before purchase.