Winter Essentials: Winter equipment guide

Winter Essentials: Winter equipment guide

As we come into Winter it’s time to look at what machines and equipment you will be likely to use the most. Perhaps you never got around to replacing your old one, need a more powerful version, or are looking to get it repaired, earlier is always better than later when it comes to getting your machines in check.



By far one of the most popular machines already this year, with the current concern around electricity and the erratic weather we are used to having which caused an abundance of power cuts last year, it’s no surprise that a lot of people are investing in a new generator.

Generators have come a long way, and perhaps you don’t know the new features if the last time you bought one was a few years ago. Some of them even have Bluetooth now, yes Bluetooth. The EU32I Honda inverter generator has Bluetooth which connects via an app on your phone, allowing you to check in on your generator from a distance and shut it down without even going near it.

If you’re not a fan of the new gadgets, then there is an abundance of different regular generator options for you depending on your needs. Browse our range today or get in touch.



We don’t want to jinx it but when in Scotland we typically get some snow, some of us has already had some, whether it’s early or later you can never be too prepared. The Gritters have already started doing their rounds but if you have a large driveway or path to keep clear then you might be looking to get a pedestrian spreader or perhaps if you’re looking for some large coverage, we have a range of mounted spreaders from ATV and Pick-up truck to Tractor mounted.

Learn more about our range.



If we have learned anything from last year it’s that chainsaws are in high demand during the Winter, and not just your run-of-the-mill domestic saw. A lot of people get presented with challenges that require a large, professional saw to tackle so these are the ones more difficult to get a hold of. If this sounds like something you would be looking for then the best option is to get in touch early to ensure you get the equipment you want, when you want it.

Browse our range of Chainsaws online or in-store including Stihl, Husqvarna, and Echo. 

Chainsaw Maintenance.

It’s also the time you will most likely be using your saw the most, this can lead to a lot of wear and tear on parts like your chain and filter. Ensure that your machine is working to the best of its ability after every use checks your equipment for damage. For safe use, you never want to use a saw which has damaged teeth or a loose chain. Properly clean your machine after every use, check your parts, and if need be, replace them.

Looking for a part? Our parts department stocks a huge range of your favorite brands and if they don’t have it, they can source it.



A lot of us are going to be relying on our wood burners if we have them this Winter, this will result in a lot of firewood being needed. Or perhaps you’re clearing an area where bad weather has caused some trees to fall, sometimes a chainsaw just won’t do when you have a lot to do.

Oxdale log splitters are designed to make your life easier, use a hydraulic splitter instead of breaking a sweat chopping. We also stock other brands, visit us in-store or get in touch!

Clearing trees? Maybe you need a woodchipper or a stump grinder, but you’re not going to use it again until next year so why buy one? We have you covered with our hire service which offers collection and delivery service designed to get you the right machine you need, when you need it. Get in touch to learn more. 



As well as attachments for tractors, you can also get a range of different attachments which can transform your summer machines into winter ones, from tire chains to snow plows and snow blowers. You can change your Husqvarna ride-on mower into a snow blower, or your Grillo brush cutter into a snow plough. This is only applicable to certain brands and will depend on the model you have but it is an ideal way to minimize costs and space while getting a multi-seasonal piece of equipment.

Unsure about attachments? get in touch to learn more. 



One of the most important Winter essentials is what you wear, when temperatures plummet and you work outside often you must have gear that can both protect you and keep you warm. Appropriate personal protective equipment should be worn when working with equipment, which includes:

  • Suitable footwear – to protect your feet from anything falling on them as well as to keep them warm
  • Protective eyewear – This could be in the form of goggles or a protective visor
  • Protective gloves – a pair of good quality protective gloves will keep your hands warm, and safe and also still allow you to maneuver when working with equipment.
  • Jacket – waterproof is a must.
  • Thick and warm trousers (Protective trousers if working with chainsaws)
  • Protective headgear (particularly when working anywhere where falling debris is a risk)
  • Ear protection – should be worn around any loud machinery

Learn more about our range of personal protective equipment available in-store by getting in touch today.