Winter Preparation: preparing your equipment for storage over Winter

Winter Preparation: preparing your equipment for storage over Winter

When it comes to storing your machine for the winter the biggest question that arises is how? It’s not just a case of putting it in the shed like you usually do but then just not retrieving it for a few months. One of the largest issues which arise after Winter are issues as a result of incorrect storage.


Checking for issues.

Winter is the ideal time to get any maintenance done that you might have been putting off or just an overall service to ensure your machine is performing at its best. Once you’ve used it for the last time just pop it into your dealer, earlier the better as the closer it gets to the beginning of spring, the busier they will be as more people rush to get their machines fixed before they need them.


Leaving fuel in your machine.

Should you leave fuel in your machine? This is a commonly asked question and rightly so. For lawnmowers, cultivators, and other machines with 4-store engines it is important to not leave your everyday unleaded fuel in your machine. This doesn’t take long to go off and can lead to a variety of issues when you go to start up your machine again.

This topic is a win for Aspen users. Not only is it suitable to leave in your machine over Winter due to it taking a lot longer to deteriorate in comparison to typical fuel. But it will also help your machine when it comes to starting it after long periods of time.

Unlike fuel, it is important to keep your oil topped up before storing it away for the season.



Before putting any machine away for a long period of storage it’s always important to give it a good clean. Particularly if you have a machine that you use regularly over time a lot of dirt can build up in and around any blades. Ensure that the machine is properly turned off and remove any components which could make it start, to complete this task safely.


Battery Machines.

When storing machines with batteries it is typically recommended to remove the battery from the device and store them separately. Keeping the batteries in a dry area that doesn’t get too cold is essential.

Husqvarna recommends that you store your batteries at a charge of 50% throughout the Winter. These batteries have a handy charge indicator on them which can be activated by pressing the button at the back of the battery allowing you to check before putting them away.


Chainsaws Storage.

Storing your chainsaws is a little bit of a different procedure. Although most people will be getting the most use out of their chainsaw in the Winter months, some like to take this time to relax and therefore store it away. If you’re one of those people, then this is for you.

As well as ensuring a safe and dry storage environment which should be a given, would you like to be left outside? both emptying the fuel tank and dismantling your saw are recommended. Stihl offers a great guide on exactly how to ensure your fuel tank is emptied properly and how to ensure you store the different parts of your saw correctly.


Robotic Mowers Storage.

If you have a robotic mower then you will need to store it over Winter. Depending on your preference, you can store the machine yourself, after your last cut clean the machine and follow the recommended storage procedure for your brand of mower. You can also get specific storage wall holders to keep your mower off the ground and safe during the Winter.

If you have decided to store your mower yourself, then you need to ensure that it is stored in a dry, warm space to protect the battery. No abandoning your little robot outside or in a damp shed. It is also recommended to take your docking station inside as well.

Alternatively, you can put your machine into your dealer for a service, included in packages such as this is Winter storage, meaning it’s just a case of dropping your mower off and picking it up again or not even that if you opt for a pickup and delivery service, making your winter easier.

Robotic mower servicing is particularly important, these machines work frequently and consistently throughout the year and this is the only time they are not needed, servicing will ensure it is in good working condition to tackle the year ahead and minimize any issues which may make it out of commission later in the year when you need it most!

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