How to look after your Robotic Mower: Tips for Robotic Mower maintenance

How to look after your Robotic Mower: Tips for Robotic Mower maintenance

One of the key points of investing in a robotic mower is that it saves you valuable time, Both in lawn mowing and also in terms of repair and maintenance. A robotic mower requires considerably less maintenance than a conventional lawnmower and typically also has fewer issues requiring repair. However, like any piece of equipment, your robotic mower requires a little bit of TLC to keep it performing at its best.

But don’t worry, although these little robots themselves are technologically advanced that doesn’t mean their care is complex. Their main use is to keep your life simple and that doesn’t stop at the care.

So, what can you do to ensure your robotic mower lives its life to the fullest?


Regular cleaning

Just like your traditional mower, it is important to regularly clean the underside of your mower. It’s doing an even more intense job than a traditional mower, working 24/7 to keep your lawn in tip-top shape so clippings can build up. If these clippings gather around the moving mechanisms such as the blades or the wheels then it can deteriorate the mobility and can result in a shorter lifespan for various parts.

It’s a simple job to clean your mower, just either hose down the underside of the deck and if you have some build-up that is tough to remove a cloth or handheld brush can be used to get the remaining clippings away.

Keep safety in mind!

Be careful of the blades and be sure to wear gloves to protect your hands while cleaning and ensure that your device is turned off properly.



Get your blades changed/sharpened

From general and frequent use, blades will become blunt. This is a common occurrence and a simple issue with a simple solution. A Robotic mower, typically has two types of blades, either a disk blade or rotating razor blades.

A blunt blade means that your robotic mower will not be working as effectively as it should be and can result in other issues such as an increased chance of damage to the blade, including bending or breaking and the grass will not be cut effectively. Instead, the tips of your grass will become damaged and this will affect the health of your grass.

What should you do?

Regularly checking your blades is essential in determining when you need to have them replaced or sharpened. Once you have determined that they require some maintenance simply take them to your local dealer.

At Gammies, our robotic mower expert will check the blades, often they just need sharpened and they are good to go again, however, if they need to be replaced then our parts department will be on hand with genuine branded parts for whichever make of robotic mower you have to ensure that they are high quality and provide the most efficient cut.

Need your blades looked at? Get in contact! 


Battery replacement

Like most battery-powered equipment at some point, you will need to have your battery replaced. As spoken about in our blog post regarding the environmental impact of the creation of these batteries, they are designed to be used and replaced not fixed.

Although don’t worry, this isn’t a regular occurrence. The typical lifespan of a battery for a robotic mower is anywhere between 2 to 6 years but will vary from brand to brand.

How do you know when you’re reaching the end?

The typical rule is that you should consider a replacement battery once its maximum charge capacity is below 75%. Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on your mower’s performance as well as its charge. However, if you have a newer model which is compatible with the brand’s app (depending on the brand) then some of these features include monitoring the performance of you’re machine as well as battery level, making monitoring this simple.


Winter/long periods of storage

Like any of your other equipment, you must ensure that you properly store your robotic mower for winter.

When you store it away or don’t use it for long periods then it is important to recharge your battery before storing it and ensure that it is stored in a dry, frost-free, ventilated place.

Why do you not use it during frosty periods?

Using your robotic mower during frosty periods is not recommended as it can damage both your machine and your grass. Instead before the cold season, you should give your grass a shorter trim than usual and not mow after your first frost of the season.

This recommendation comes from the article ’15 important tips for lawn care with robotic mowers’ by Matthias Müller which gives some helpful tips for owning a robotic lawnmower. In Germany, Robotic mowers have gained high popularity and are pretty common. Worth a read if you have or are considering a robotic mower!

To battle this and make owning a robotic mower even simpler, Husqvarna has developed a software feature called ‘Frost Guard’ which once activated will prevent your mower from cutting if the temperature goes too low. Meaning you don’t even have to check the weather yourself, the robotic mower will keep itself and your grass safe.

Give your robotic mower a little bit of attention now and then and in return, it will keep your lawn in top condition.

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