Is your garden right for a robotic mower?

Is your garden right for a robotic mower?

We get a lot of questions about what type of garden is ideal for a robotic mower. The truth is it’s not about if your garden is right for a robotic mower, it’s about which robotic mower is right for your garden. Each robotic mower has features that make it ideal for different garden types. 


Basic Garden 

If you have a small to medium-sized garden that isn’t too complex with little inclines and isn’t separated by a path or any other obstacles then you can have a large variety of options. 

These options are all installed via the use of a guidewire which is put around the area, this means that aside from the edges which may need a bit of strimming, the robotic mower will cover all the grass in your garden.

Husqvarna AM105 

This Automower can tackle smaller lawns up to 600m2 and can handle inclines of 25%. This mower allows the user to have two different remote starting points and runs silently meaning it can mow while you sleep!


Honda Miimo HRM70 

Miimo features map and mow with smartphone and Alexa connectivity allowing you to schedule your mowing with ease. It has a area capacity of 700m2 and has a 75-minute mowing time per charge. 

Stihl iMow RMI422.2 

This compact robotic mower is ideal for small to medium-sized gardens and areas up to 800m2. The iMow will return itself to the charging station and has 15 different cutting height settings allowing you to adjust your lawn to your preferences. 

Product image for Stihl Robotic Mower model RMI422Pi


Garden with uneven terrain.

If your garden has large hilly areas or particularly uneven terrain, this doesn’t mean you need to miss out on a robotic mower. As technology in this field has advanced, so have robotic mower capabilities. 

Depending on how steep and large your garden is there are a few different options, for example, if they are particularly difficult then an appropriate model to look at would be…


The Husqvarna 435X AWD

This mower has all-wheel drive and is designed to be able to tackle tough terrain with slopes and obstacles. This mower can handle lawns of up to 3,500 m2 and can handle slopes of up to 70%.

Looking for flexibility?

If you’re not keen on the idea of boundary wires being installed within your garden, looking for a bit more flexibility on setting areas of your lawn to be mowed, or are simply a fan of the latest technology then Husqvarna’s new NERA range is ideal for you. Husqvarna NERA’s bring you all the fantastic features from their Automower® models but are compatible with EPOS™ technology. With the addition of an EPOS™  plug in kit, your mower can use satellite to navigate around your garden and eliminate the need for a boundary wire.

NERA’s coming soon… Get in touch to learn more. 


Still unsure? Our robotic mower expert will make a site visit to ensure the robotic mower you have your eye on is suitable for your garden type or will provide recommendations if you’re unsure of which one is best! Get in touch to book an evaluation today!