Multi-tools, The swiss army knife of garden care.

Multi-tools, The swiss army knife of garden care.

You may have heard the term multi-tool be thrown around in the gardening and ground care industry, they also go by different names if the brand has their own phrase, for example, Stihl has a Kombi tool system, Husqvarna calls them Combi trimmers and Honda go by Versa tools. It’s no wonder that if you’re not familiar with these types of systems then it can get confusing. So let’s discuss the pros, the cons, the different types, and the uses for these machines.


First off, what is a multi-tool system?

Multi-tools are what they sound like, multiple tools in one. Typically you can either buy the engine system which powers different attachments, you can then buy the different attachments you need, or some brands offer them in a kit with the engine and a few attachments together, the only thing with this is that you won’t get to choose the attachments, so you may have one you just don’t use.


What attachments are there?

There are a lot of attachments out there designed to cover every base you might need, there are strimmer heads, brush cutter heads, hedgers, pole saws, blowers, and more. There are also pole extenders that can be used for getting to those hard-to-reach places.


What are the benefits?

There are numerous benefits to multi-tool systems including:

  • Saving money, is one of the most common reasons people opt for a multi-tool. If you are into gardening instead of forking out on 5 different machines and paying to run and maintain all these machines, instead you can opt for one machine.
  • Saves space. If you only have a small shed in your garden or don’t want to be tripping over an abundance of tools then storing various attachments which just pop off the engine is simpler and will save you a lot of room.
  • Saves you time. This benefit can be seen in various scenarios, from not having to fuel up, take out, and bring back various machines during the gardening process, to maintenance. If you have multiple machines they may need servicing or repairs at various times, leading you to be in and out of your local workshop like a revolving door, it would be much simpler just to have to work about the maintenance of one engine.
  • Flexibility, this includes being able to change tools easily while doing the job as well as the range of tools. You can have a larger range of tools at a much lower cost, meaning you would more likely have a larger variety of tools and uses than if you were just to purchase the individual machine, for example, if you bought a hedger, you would then have to purchase an entirely different machine to get a pole hedger, which just may not be in your budget, however, if you have a pole extender, pretty much most attachments can be extended.
  • There are both petrol and battery options. Perhaps you have already begun your transition to cordless/battery operated and want to continue to purchase battery alternatives. Various brands offer battery-powered multi-tool engines, including Ego, Stihl, and Husqvarna.



What are the considerations?

There are some factors to consider before going out and getting yourself a multi-tool.

Firstly, most of these are designed for domestic users. The main benefits derived from these types of machines appeal to those who want to maintain their garden or land, not professionals working within demanding environments. Therefore, if you use these machines as such and put them through a heavy workload day in and day out their life will not be what you expected.

Another consideration is the brand you choose to go for. This is due to the attachments available from brand to brand, one may have more options than the other or just different ones so it’s worth having a browse before making a decision.

One thing to look out for is buying brands without a reputation for quality. Similar to a lot of tools, some people get tempted into buying cheaper alternatives off sites like eBay, amazon but instead of purchasing a well-known brand, they go for one they have never heard of and therefore don’t know what the measure of quality is is they will be receiving.

Unfortunately, the price of these machines often gets reflected in the quality and customers just don’t see a good lifespan for the machine or the attachments. Investing in a brand with a high-quality reputation as well as replacement parts easily accessible is the key to getting the most out of both your machine and money in the long run.


So, who do these types of machines appeal to?

Designed to give the domestic user the right tools for the right job this machine is aimed at anyone with a small, medium, or large garden who want to maintain it without the high cost and fuss of buying all the different machines you need.

It also allows you to obtain a higher quality finish because of trying to use your hedger to give your grass a strim or climbing up on a wobbly ladder to get to the top of your hedge, you have the right tools for the right job without the need for large storage space or to break the bank.


Which brands are there?

At Gammies, we stock four different brands of Multi-tools…


We stock the PH1400E multi-tool head, as well as the kit which contains a variety of attachments including a line trimmer, brush cutter blade, hedge trimmer, pole, saw, and edger attachments as well as a 5.0Ah Battery and rapid charger.



The Honda versa tool is built to last and is fueled by a petrol engine. They have two different engine heads and various attachments including Strimmer, Line trimmer, short hedger, long hedger, pruner, edger, blower, cultivator, and long and short extensions.



Husqvarna offers a range of combi trimmers both petrol and cordless versions to suit different requirements. These powerful engines support a range of attachments including a strimmer, weed scissors, short and long hedger, pole saw, blower, tiller, edgers, sweepers, and a pole extension.



Similarly, Stihl also has both petrol and cordless engines for their Kombi systems, and the powerful engines come with a range of attachments available including a bent shaft strimmer, brush cutter, edgers, long handle and long reach hedge trimmer, pole pruner, cultivator, blower, bristle brush, rotary cutting head, and pole extensions.


For more information or simply to have a chat with one of our salesmen to see which tools are right for you, don’t hesitate to get in contact.