Getting Your Garden Ready For Spring

Getting Your Garden Ready For Spring

The end of the harsh weather may not be over yet in some areas, that being said the start of Spring is just round the corner and the organized among us will take that opportunity to begin planning and preparing our gardens for the springtime.

Those eager to get back into their gardens and prepare it for warmer weather where we can enjoy being outside again without shivering will know the, what may seem like, momentous task that lies before them. Winter often leaves our gardens in disarray, but with the right tools for the task a hard day’s work can be turned into an enjoyable and simple clean up job.


Task: Clearing up

Most people would rather leave Winter to have its way with their Garden than brace the cold and potter about during freezing temperatures, rightly so. However, this can leave a big clean up job for when the sun starts to emerge again. An abundance of debris like leaves, twigs, branches, dead plants and if you were the unlucky recipient of a storm or two over the winter perhaps you have some fallen trees or your neighbor’s trampoline to deal with.

Tools: Blower, Chainsaw, Hedge trimmer, Stump Grinder


A high-speed blower will take care of leaves and other lighter debris quicker than a rake and if you have a lot of ground to cover this can be a huge time and effort saver.



For taking down small to large branches which may have gotten out of control, most people with larger Gardens or estates will require a chainsaw at some point but even those with smaller gardens will benefit from the ease of a chainsaw in comparison to an axe.

Everyday Gardener, Occasional Use: Stihl MSA 140 C-B Cordless Chainsaw

Professional, Frequent use: Stihl M391 Petrol Chainsaw


Brush cutter/Pole Pruner

Depending on the number of bushes which have been left to overgrow during winter you may be looking at a large pruning job. As well as this height can also be a factor which may persuade you into the ease of a brush cutter or pole pruner. Throw those rusty sheers away and turn an all day job into a quick trim with the different variety of brush cutters available alongside extendable pole pruners to give you additional height and avoid having to haul your wobbly ladder out the shed.


Stump Grinder

Perhaps a tree fell during a storm or you finally want to get round to getting rid of the stump that has been sticking out of the center of your Garden for years, Hire yourself a Stump grinder.


Task: Lawn maintenance

Once you’ve cleared up the worst of the mess, it’s time to finally give your Lawn some TLC. This can mean giving it a trim, sowing some new grass in any patchy or recently cleared areas or scarifying your lawn to remove debris and prevent waterlogging.

Tools: Lawnmower, Strimmer & Scarifier


Mowing your lawn can be a tedious job to some and a hobby to others, sometimes it’s up to the machine to determine which. Lawnmowers are advancing constantly and their recent advancements in concern to autonomous, robotic mowers have made it as easy as tapping on an app, to keep your lawn freshly cut.



Sometimes mowers aren’t suitable for the harder to reach, more complex areas or for ensuring a clean edge around the corners or garden furnishings. In this case a strimmer is more appropriate. Mentioned earlier was brush cutters or pole pruners, if you are seeking the use of all three of these tools a more affordable alternative to purchasing a fleet of tools which you’re going to struggle to shove in a shed would be a Multi-tool or ‘Combi’ These systems are designed with different attachments for different jobs and can save both money, time and space.


Scarifying your lawn is ideally done in the Springtime to eliminate debris, moss and organic matter which has collected at the base of the grass throughout the winter as these will be a barrier to good, dense growth of your lawn. This process can be done with a rake, although Scarifiers are designed to make the tasks easier for larger areas as well improve the quality of the job which will in turn improve the health and quality of grass.


Task: Plant Preparation

One of the most exciting parts abut spring preparation is planning for all the plants and flowers you are going to grow for the summer, perhaps you want to have some home-grown veggies or you just want to make your garden a thriving variety of color with different flowers, either way soil preparation is essential. So get your gloves out and get weeding and then it’s time to turn over the soil.

Tools: Tillers, Spreaders


Top priority in soil preparation is ensuring it is in the best state to produce the best quality crops possible. The use of a tiller has many more benefits than just saving your back from raking the soil yourself. Tillers allow you to alter the depth and as they do, they improve aeration and the further the loosened soil, the quicker and easier it is for your plants to take root.


Fertilizer & Manure

Ensuring you soil is fully prepared for whatever you decide to plant is essential. Depending on the quality of you soil your plants may need some additional nutrients, be that from bought fertilizer or a home-made concoction. The use of a spreader will ensure even coverage and make it easier to fertilize larger areas without the hassle. Both fertilizer and pedestrian spreaders are available from Gammies In-Store.


Proper preparation of you Garden in Spring will determine the outcome you receive in Summer, so if you’re looking for a bright, colorful, and clean Garden to relax in when the sun emerges, don’t scrimp on the preparation.

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